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14 Best Pickleball Bags in 2021 – Ultimate Buying Guides

Pickleball has emerged as one of the most promising outdoor sports in the USA and Canada during the past five years. Although a pickleball player only needs a pickleball paddle and ball as basic equipment.

Yet a player might also need to carry additional gear items including shoes, water bottle, towel, net, and any other gear.

That’s the situation for you to just look for the best pickleball bags to buy the best one for you.

Best PickleBall Bags

In this buyer`s guide, I will provide you details on features of the best pickleball bags for sale. I will also give you a list of the top 14 pickleball bags for beginners and professionals.

Top 14 Best Pickleball Bags for You 2021

I have compiled a list of top 14 best pickleball bags for you to look around. You can view the prices from official stores. What I will provide you are the unbiased product reviews in accordance with this buyer`s guide.

1). Franklin Sports Pickleball Bag

Franklin Sports Pickleball Bag

One of the finest sling-style pickleball bag suitable for both men and women.You can carry around your gear in a professional way with this brand from Franklin Sports. With a weather-resistant zipper and bag, you have the luxury of moving out with your gear without any sort of tension.

It offers extremely useful storage space. In fact, storage is large enough that you can comfortably put five to six paddles in it. Besides paddles, you can place approximately six balls in the same bag too. Still, the room will be left for some extra sort of gear items. Instead of going towards a backpack for mere storage purposes, it is far better to go with this sports bag option.

A beautifully crafted bottle holder is an extremely nice feature for carrying water or protein shake easily with you. So, now you are well equipped with your pickleball gear and energy drink. Perfect for exercise and entertainment.

With dual padded storage, you can put your smartphone and keys in the pocket. So you will now not have to worry about your wallet, keys, or smartphone. These will be safe along-with other pickleball stuff.

The adjustable back strap offers you multiple adjustment options for ergonomics. You can adjust the strap to refrain your shoulders, spine, and arms from strains and pain.You can use a steel hook for hanging your sling bag easily while you are busy playing.

  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Weather-resistant
  • Extremely capacious
  • Bottle holder
  • Additional pockets for storage
  • Little heavy
  • Lack of hidden pocket

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2). LLYWCM Sports Pickleball Sling Backpack

LLYWCM Sports Pickleball Sling Backpack

A multi-purpose and unique styled sling backpack for pickleball that provides you storage space of backpack along-with portability of sling bag. The shoulder strap is adjustable for carrying the bag on either of your shoulders. This enhances portability options for both right and left handers.

This pickleball sling backpack is extremely capacious and this is the major driving force behind its rising popularity.It offers smart dimensions, comfortable carrying weight, and durable bag material. Due to these factors, it is rated as one of the popular men`s and women’s pickleball bags.

If you ask me about the storage space then let me tell you that it’s got plenty of it. Its main storage compartment is roomy enough to carry six pickleball paddles easily. You can also easily put your badminton racket in it too. For carrying multiple pickleballs with you, a ball pocket is provided. It can hold up to six balls at a time.

Overall five pockets are provided in this backpack. All of these pockets provide storage room for additional gear like wallet, watch, cell phone, keys, and money. This makes it the best pickleball paddle bag.Pocket zippers are waterproof and reliable.

For securing some important items a hidden pocket is provided at the back of the backpack. There is a beautifully crafted mesh styled pocket on side of this sling backpack. You can use it to carry a water bottle or any energy drink.

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Extremely useful for male and female
  • Huge capacity
  • Dedicated pickleball pocket
  • Good number of pockets
  • Adjustable strap to facilitate left and right handers
  • Nice sized water bottle holder
  • Lack of hidden pocket
  • Not scratch resistant

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3). Under Armour Undeniable 2.0 Sackpack

Under Armour Undeniable 2.0 Sackpack

It is one of the top rated sack styled backpacks for pickleball. The polyester material is used in this sack. This makes it extremely lightweight and portable. The main storage compartment has a zippered liner for closure. For organizing your pickleball equipment, two front pockets are provided.

In these pockets, you can put your belongings including a towel, wallet, cards, mobile phone, sunglasses, and snacks.It issuper light-weight and weather resistant. This makes it extremely useful for use in extreme weather conditions. Double shoulder strap makes it easy to carry around.

Under Armour bag offers increased height as compared to UA sack models. This increased height offers a lot more storage space for carrying change clothes and two to three paddles easily. If you are a beginner then I personally recommend you to buy this cheap pickleball bag.

  • Lightweight, durable and portable
  • Weather resistant
  • Durable zipper liner
  • Cheap
  • Best for beginners
  • Only two pockets for organizing stuff
  • Not suitable for professionals
  • No pocket for carrying water bottle

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4). Pickleball Fanatic Sling Bag with Pockets

Pickleball Fanatic Sling Bag with Pockets

Fanatic sling bag for pickleball offers a unique and sleek design for players. It is designed in such a way that it is useful for both beginners and professionals. Bag dimensions are large enough to support multiple gear and equipment.

Shoulder straps are padded, adjustable, and highly ergonomic. You can adjust it easily according to your preferences. Shoulder padding makes it ergonomic for users.

Zipper compartment offers you a storage capacity for carrying two to three paddles easily.If you open zippers, you can reach through it to the bottom without any difficulty.

There is a divider inside the main compartment which makes the organization really easy.This bag provides enough room for carrying balls and a small towel in it. You can easily put 8 to 10 balls in it. The main pocket is well padded for accommodating your cell phone, wallet, cards, and keys.

  • Suitable for men
  • Best for beginners as well as professionals
  • Best return on investment
  • Lack of secondary compartment
  • Small sleeve for water bottle

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5). Athletico Sling Crossbody Backpack Bag for Pickleball

Athletico Sling Crossbody Backpack Bag for Pickleball

Athletico offers this high quality and best pickleball backpack bag for professionals as well as beginners. Sling style makes it a suitable one for ladies and gents. For ergonomics, shoulder straps are padded and adjustable for both right and left handers.

Main compartment can carry 6 pickleball paddles, 2 tennis rackets, and even a standard 15-inch laptop. Additional padding on the main compartment saves inner equipment from any sort of damage.

A total of six storage pockets including a water bottle carrier makes it really one of the best pickleball bags. There is a hidden pocket which is really handy for items that you want to secure. Moreover all the pockets are zipper ones.

  • Extremely capacious
  • Zipper pockets
  • Best return on investment
  • Padded main compartment
  • Pockets cannot handle a 6 inch smartphone
  • Not water resistant

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6). Game On Sling Pickleball Bag

Game On Sling Pickleball Bag

Comes with a unique, sleek, and useful sling design. Dimensions of 18×13 makes it good enough to carry your sports gear from home to outdoor easily. Game on sling pickleball bag offers two zipped compartments. One of the two is the main one that you can use to place pickleball paddles.

Other pockets can be employed for carrying any other gear including towels, wallets, and keys. Shoulder straps are heavily padded and adjustable for comfortable carrying. There is a useful top loop for hanging your bag at your home, office, or pickleball court.

Bag size is comfortable enough to support 2 to 3 paddles, 2 to 3 balls, a small towel, and a water bottle. However, there is no separate pocket for carrying a water bottle.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps
  • Hanging hook
  • Small size
  • Limited organizing options
  • No dedicated water bottle carrier

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7). MOSISO Sling Backpack for Travel, Hiking, and Sports

MOSISO Sling Backpack for Travel, Hiking and Sports

Sling styled, cross body design and multi-purpose backpack by MOSISO is ideal for hiking and carrying pickleball paddles. One of the main beauties about it is that it is available in multiple color schemes and designs. So as a buyer, you have got a rich set of options.

There is a large zipper compartment for carrying large equipment. You can easily place paddles, balls, tablet PC, towels, changing clothes, and other needed things in the main compartment. Two mesh pockets, one on each side, makes it easy for you to carry two bottles with you.

Storage area is multi-functional. You can place your books, papers, power bank, computer mouse and some cabling in it. This makes it useful for both travelling and general purpose. So, you can easily use it as a school bag or office bag or as a sports bag.

You can easily adjust cross body shoulders to fit your body and this is ideal for both left and right handers. Shoulder strap padding and breathability make it comfortable to carry around.

  • Multi-purpose
  • Lightweight
  • Two bottle carrying pockets
  • Plenty of storage options
  • Breathable and padded back side
  • Not waterproof
  • Padding is not of excellent quality
  • Only supports 2.5 inch diameter water bottle

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8). Amazin’ Aces Premium Pickleball Backpack

Amazin' Aces Premium Pickleball Backpack

One of the best pickleball backpack bags in terms of style, storage, quality, and price. It is tailor-made for pickleball players but still, you can use it for other activities. Amazin` Aces backpack offers you plenty of storage for carrying sports gear for pickleball comfortably.

You can place multiple paddles, balls, net, shoes, change clothes and other gear items in it. This makes it indeed best pickleball bag for professionals. The backside and shoulders straps of this backpack are completely padded for comfort.

For storing different allied items like mobile phones, keys, and wallets there are multiple pockets available with this backpack. One of the main beauty of it is heat insulated pocket which can preserve your snacks even in hot and humid season. You can use the mesh pocket for carrying 3 to 4 balls. However, you may use it as a bottle carrier.

Enhanced padding and reinforced stitching keeps your stuff safe from any sort of damages. There is a loop right on the top of bag to hang it on a nail. It offers a great value for your money.

  • Dedicated for pickleball
  • Complete breathable backpack
  • Mesh bottle carrier
  • Insulated pocket for preserving food items
  • Breathable and padded
  • Adjustable shoulders
  • Hanging hook
  • Two compartments for organizing pickleball paddles
  • Not waterproof
  • Not huge sized

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9). SEEU Ultralight Sling Backpack Shoulder Bag

SEEU has introduced a multi-purpose and stylish sling style backpack for bag seekers. Its unique and stylish design is the major motivation behind its popularity. It is ultra-lightweight and weighs only 7 oz. Backside and shoulder straps are padded. Backside is absolutely breathable. All these features make it super comfortable to carry.

Shoulder straps are reversible and this makes it ideal for both lefties and righties. Use of 3D backpad makes it highly ergonomic for users as it reduces the pressure being placed on your back and shoulders.

SEEU sling pickleball bag is completely waterproof so you don`t need to worry about the outside weather.You get multiple wearing options with this bag. Headphone hole is there for you to enjoy music while you are going to play or school.

This bag comes with multi-purpose pockets. Front pocket can hold your wallet or keys or smartphone. You can use one main pocket for placing notebook or iPad. There is a briefcase on the back for carrying documents. One mesh pocket offers you the facility for carrying 3.1 inch bottle easily. There is a shoulder strap pocket for handling iPhone or cards. All these features make it best bag for pickleball professional players.

  • Multi-purpose
  • Breathable backpack
  • Large sized bottle carrier
  • Multi-purpose storage pockets
  • Heavily padded for security
  • Frictionless
  • Waist strap option
  • Headphone hole
  • Water-resistant
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Can only hold smartphones with 4.7 inch screens or less
  • No insulation pocket

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10). Outdoor Master Sling Pickleball Bag

Outdoor Master Sling Pickleball Bag

Probably one of the best sling pickleball bag for gents and ladies. Its sleek, storage space and cross body design makes it ideal for hikers, students and pickleball players. Indeed it’s a beautifully crafted multi-purpose carrier bag.

Outdoor master has made this bag to be lightweight. It offers one main compartment for carrying sports gear. Bag is also equipped with multi-purpose zipper pockets on the front. Zippers are of extremely good quality. Pockets are large enough to carry you ipad. Inside the bag you will find a hidden pocket for carrying secured items such as wallet or credit cards.

Mesh pocket on the side of bag can hold bottle for you. Shoulder strap is padded and cross design to support left/right handers. You have multiple wearing options including cross body waist wearing.

  • Multi-purpose
  • Hanging hook
  • Multiple wearing options
  • Durable fabric
  • Water-repellent
  • Only supports water bottle with less than 3 inch diameters
  • Tiny sized pockets
  • No insulated pocket

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11). 32L Oversized Sling Bag Backpack for Pickleball Players

32L Oversized Sling Bag Backpack for Pickleball Players

Largest capacity sling pickleball backpack bag for ladies players available in the market as it offers a huge storage capacity of 32L. This backpack bag is large enough to carry a 14 inch laptop. Due to the use of polyester it is extremely lightweight and durable. It is absolutely scratch resistant.

Large storage capacity, durability, and multiple storage pockets make it ideal for use in outdoor events like hiking, traveling, camping, and sports. Besides main storage compartment there are a total of 10 different sized pockets in this bag. Six pockets are external while four are internal. All pockets come with highly reliable metal zippers.

Main compartment is large enough to carry 6 to 8 pickleball paddles and 8 balls approximately. Apart from this you can place your towel and change clothes in it too. You can adjust your shoulders straps according to your liking and preferences. Shoulder straps are padded and offer a reversible design.

  • Multi-purpose and lightweight
  • Scratch resistant
  • Huge storage capacity as a sling backpack
  • Durable fabric
  • Ten multi-purpose pockets
  • No water bottle holder
  • Not waterproof

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12). HEAD Racquetball & Pickleball Backpack

HEAD Racquetball & Pickleball Backpack

This pickleball backpack bag by HEAD has is highly reliable and capacious for carrying athletic gear. Main compartment offers storage space enough to carry two tennis rackets or two paddles for pickleball. Due to heavy padding, you don`t need to worry about any sort of damage happening to your gear. Your gear is absolutely fine there.

There is second pocket right in front of the bag which also offers ample space for multiple items. You will also find a shoe compartment there. On the sides you have a mesh styled pocket for gloves or small towel. Carrying straps can be adjusted according to your own preferences. For comfortable wearing, the backside of backpack is also padded.

If you look at its price and features then you will find that it is indeed best pickleball backpack bag for beginners. It offers a good return on investment.

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Hook for hanging bag
  • Good number of pockets
  • No water bottle holder
  • Not waterproof
  • No sort of insulated pocket

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13). Onix Pickleball Bag Backpack

OnixPickleball BagBackpack Design

For carrying your pickleball gear, onix pickleball bag comes with a backpack design. Storage capacity, durability, weight, comfort and price has made us to add it in list of best pickleball bags.

The bag has a very beautiful design with ONIX logo printed on all sides. If you ask me about the storage then you will find a total of five storage compartments out of which one is the main while other four are side pockets. All compartments have reliable metal zippers.

Backpack is made capacious to carry gear including paddles, balls, apparel, and water bottles. The bag is large enough to carry 4 paddles and 2 pairs of shoes in it. Shoulder straps are somewhat padded. However, bag is completely breathable from all sides.

  • Beautiful design
  • Good storage capacity
  • Completely breathable
  • Good number of pockets
  • Insulated pocket
  • No dedicated water bottle holder
  • Not waterproof and scratch-resistant
  • Expansive

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14). Selkirk Pickleball Bags

Selkirk Pickleball Bags

21 x 14.5 x 1 inches dimensions and 2.85 pounds weight makes it ideal carrier for pickleball players. Selkrik pickleball bags are available in sack style. Selkirk Sport Pickleball Backpack are actually multi-purpose but major applications are found in sports. Such bags come with drawstring for bag closure.

Most of the customers rate it as a great bag. In fact some people review it as best pickleball bag for professional. Apart from offering excellent quality, this bag is big enough to hold different sort of stuff including paddles, sweatpants, t-shirts, balls, water bottles. It also has a separate compartment for shoes.This bag offers sufficient storage compartment to carry 2 paddle sand 2-3 pickleballs.

You will find an insulated compartment for food items like yoghurt etc. You can either use shoulder harness as well as waist and chest straps to carry it.

  • Sack style
  • Sufficient storage
  • Insulated pocket
  • It can hold only a 40oz water bottle
  • Not waterproof and scratch-resistant
  • No zippers

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Why I need to look for best pickleball bags?

In order to play a pickleball, you only need to have a pickleball paddle and ball. But, if you have adopted it as a habit and regular game, then you might need a lot of other sports gear apart from these. These sports gear include:

  • Glasses
  • Hat
  • Towel
  • Shoes
  • Water bottle

These items are restricted to sports. But you may have additional things with you like a wallet, bike or home keys, watch and some documents. As a person as well as player, it is practically not possible to carry these things here and there. You will need some sort of backpack.

You may use traditional backpack or generic bag to carry these things. But using professional pickleball bags is always handy as it can offer you a lot of advantages.

Types of Best PickleBall Bags

Before buying pickleball bag, it is necessary to first understand different types of best pickleball bags available for sale. Each style comes with its own offerings, pros and cons. Not every type is suitable for all. But after reading this you will be able to find best pickleball bags that suits your needs.

Here are few types:

  • Sling bags
  • Pickleball backpack bags
  • Duffle bags
  • Tote bags

Pickleball Sling Bags

Pickleball players mostly like to use a sling bag for carrying sports gear. Sling bags are extremely versatile and useful. Teardrop design of pickleball sling bags provide enough room for carrying pickleball paddles in it comfortably.

Best pickleball sling bags offer high portability and ease of carrying it. You can simply put it on your shoulder and move easily.

Secondly, sling bags for pickleball are simple and lightweight.

One of the major drawback of sling bag design for pickleball is the capacity. With these bags you don`t get too much room capacity.

However, capacity is enough to support you in carrying basic pickleball gear like pickleball paddles, pickleball shoes, water bottle, and cap. But trust me you can place it on your shoulder and enjoy the ease of movement.

Pickleball Backpack Bags

Backpacks are really good for us while we are travelling. Major motivation is obviously the space. Best pickleball backpack bags provide you with storage capacity as well as gear organization options. Although you can use any standard backpack to carry your pickleball gear. But using backpack bags for pickleball gear provides you with a variety of exciting options.

First of all the room storage capacity of a backpack bag is larger as compared to a sling bag design. For segregation and organization, various compartments and pockets are provided in pickleball bags backpack design.Shoulder straps enable you to carry backpack bag easily.

In the main zipped chamber you can put pickleball paddles, net and towel. You can use and pocket compartments for carrying pickleball balls, water bottle, sunglasses and cap. So, if you are looking for storage room then pickleball backpack bags are best choice for you.

Pickleball Duffle Bags

If you need huge storage space for carrying your pickleball gear, then I recommend that you should go for buying pickleball duffle bags.You may have game schedule for multiple outdoor games apart from pickleball. In these situations, you will have to carry multi-sort of equipment with you e.g. for badminton, table tennis etc.

Carrying multiple bags is not a good thinking. Instead you should go to look for some best pickleball duffle bags.One of the major beauty about duffle style bags for pickleball is the storage capacity. Its large enough to carry pickleball gear and your gym gear too.

Best pickleball duffle bags can provide you storage room for carrying upto 6 pickleball paddles, water bottle, pickleball shoes, protein shake, and change over clothes, towel and many more of these things.

Both cheap pickleball duffle bags and expensive ones are available in the market. An expensive one can provide pockets for carrying cell phone, hat and glasses.

Pickleball Tote Bags

This type of picklenall bags are gaining popularity due to their sleek design. Pickleball tote bags offer storage space in-between sling bag design and duffle bags. On one side, these bags offer flexibility and portability like sling bags. While on the other side, tote bags provide good storage when compared to sling bags. But this storage organization is less than a backpack.

If you are a female player and looking for ladies pickleball bags then tote bags are the best. These bags come in variety of colors and designs. Best pickleball tote bags offers you a capacious main compartment for accommodating three to four pickleball paddles and other stuff. Zipper pockets on sides of bags really help you carrying small tools.

As far as carrying is concerned, a tote designed pickleball bag offers variety of options. Some bags are shipped with handles while others come with shoulder sling. Nevertheless all these features make it ideal in the category of women`s pickleball bags.

Factors to Consider for searching Best Pickleball Paddle Bags

In this section, I will try to explain different factors that you should look for some best pickleball bags to buy. A lot of you might be well aware of these things, but for pickleball beginners, it is necessary to throw some light on this topic as well. So, here we go:


First and foremost thing to consider is budget. A lot of options are available with promising features. But greater features demand high budget. I personally recommend you to look for cheap pickleball bags if you are a beginner. Later on you can go on a try to find professional pickleball bags.

A cheap pickleball bag might not offer you extra pockets or huge carrying space. It may not even be enough to fulfil your needs. But if you have budget then go for professional ones.


Second most important factor to consider is the type of pickleball bag. Some of you might like to have a sling bag while others may require pickleball backpack style. Similarly, ladies might be looking for pickleball bags for ladies. Generally backpacks are more expansive as compared to sling bags or tote bags.

Carrying Space

If you are just a beginner, then your gear will also be limited. But as you and your game grows, your pickleball gear is bound to grow. At initial stages, you might need to have one or two pickleball paddles while later on you might be needing multiple paddles for pickleball, professional pickleball shoes, drying towel, pickleball net, balls and many more.

To select best pickleball bag for you, you should be considering this factor carefully. Bags offering large storage space are expansive when compared to bags offering small space.


Portability matters a lot in real life domain. A heavy, bulky and difficult to carry bags can add insult to injury. It can create different problems for you related to portability. So, always try to find out bags that are smart and lightweight. Try to pay attention on handles, shoulder straps and shoulder slings. Not all types are equally comfortable.

Bag Material

For long-life use, bag material matter a lot. Moreover, weight also depends upon the material being used. Bags that are made up of nylon fabric are lightweight and durable. However, if you are able to find polyester material then it is best indeed. Polyester made bag will not only offer you high durability but it is less expensive then nylon bag.

Additionally, try to find out bags with waterproof lining and scratch resistant coatings. These things can really help you and your bag to survive difficult weather conditions.Best pickleball bags are always waterproof, tear resistant and scratch resistant. Apart from these bags offers ergonomics in portability and comfortable space for your gear.


Final Thoughts

As a pickleball player, you need to have proper pickleball bag for carrying your sports gear. Best pickleball bags offer you with a lot of promising features. I have written this buyers guide to help you in your selection and provided unbiased reviews about different pickleball bags.

I hope that you will like it. In case of any query please feel free to write to me.

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