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Best PickleBall Gloves for You in 2022 – [Buyer`s Guide]

You might have to play pickleball for prolonged hours if you are looking to improve your game skill or you are playing a tournament. Such extensive play can cause sweat, bruises, and blisters on your hands. Best pickleball gloves can save you from all of these troubles.

Apart from this, pickleball gloves can assist you in improving your gameplay.

In this article, I will provide you a detailed buyer’s guide for finding out the best pickleball gloves available in the digital as well as a local market.

For your assistance, I will also provide you unbiased and honest reviews on the top 14 best-rated pickleball gloves for men and women in 2021.

Best PickleBall Gloves

Best Rated Pickleball Gloves

In this section, I am going to provide details and unbiased reviews on the 14 best-rated pickleball gloves available online. For pickleball gloves, amazon has really a long and impressive listing.

Let’s have a look at these Top 14 & Best:

1). Franklin Pickleball Glove

Franklin Pickleball Glove

Franklin pickleball gloves are extremely popular among pickleball professional players. This sports pickleball glove is shipped in the form of a single glove. Both right and left-handed orientations are available. For supreme performance and durability, Franklin Sports has made it with the same quality as that used in baseball gloves.

Palm is made up of premium quality leather. The good thing about it is that the palm is constructed in the form of a single piece. This offers extreme durability, reliability, and strength. Pickleball gloves from Franklin sports are available in all sizes XS, S, M, L, and XL.

With the help of a wrist band, you can easily adjust its fitting. High-quality magic is used for the adjustment of the wrist band. Index finger and thumb are padded for protection against ball bruises. Wearing and removal of gloves are super easy.

The glove is extremely comfortable to wear and use. The use of leather gives a very good grip on the pickleball handle. Glove design, color scheme, and stitching are awesome.

  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Highly durable leather
  • Durable, reliable, and tough
  • Padded protection on index finger and thumb
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Not breathable
  • XX-large size is not available

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2). Quality Sports Flex Pickleball GloveQuality Sports Flex Pickleball Glove

Quality sports flex pickleball gloves are designed for ultimate game performance. You can buy either left or right or both according to your preferences. Ultra-quality leather-made palm offers an extremely good grip on the pickleball handle. The palm material is flexible, durable, and nicely stitched.

The use of 4-way material makes it an extremely breathable palm. You can fit the glove to your wrist by using an elastic wrist strap. Flex pickleball gloves by quality sports are shipped in a wide range of sizes X-small, small, medium, large, x-large, and xx-large. This makes it one of the best men’s pickleball gloves.

  • Available in all sizes
  • Provides solid grip
  • Durable and reliable
  • Breathable
  • No sort of padding

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3). Selkirk Pickleball Gloves – Men’s pickleball gloves

Selkirk Pickleball Gloves Men

Like all other products from Selkirk, the Selkirk men’s pickleball gloves are made up for the best performance in the field. This latest men’s pickleball gloves use FLEXX-FIT compression technology.

FLEXX-FIT technology enables these gloves to fit your hand like a second skin. Moreover, FLEXX-FIT technology allows gloves to fit your hands in a proper and natural manner.

Premium leather is used as palm material and this improves your gameplay by providing a dry, secure, and firm grip on the pickleball handle. These gloves start fitting your hand as soon as you start wearing these.

For enhancing comfort and ease, tricot perforated cool skin fabric is added on the top of gloves. This perforated skin provides high breathability for smooth play. If you ask me about the aesthetics then let me tell you that the color scheme, sleek design, and logos used to make it indeed one of the best pickleball gloves for men.

  • Breathable
  • Fits naturally like a second skin
  • Nice and firm grip
  • Not padded for protection
  • Only available for men

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4). Franklin Sports Pickleball-X Performance Glove

Franklin Sports Pickleball-X Performance Glove

It is the official pickleball glove for the US open pickleball championship. This Franklin Pickleball glove comes for both left and right-handers. Supreme quality palm leather enables you to hold and grip the pickleball handle firmly. Pittards Gripster technology enhances the grip with increasing hand sweat.

You can fit these gloves to your hands using a wrist strap. One of the major benefits of using these gloves is the protection provided by these gloves. However, protection is provided on forefingers and thumbs.

These gloves are available in only four sizes: x-small, small, medium, and x-large. This is a slight drawback of buying these gloves.

  • Hold and firm grip
  • Comfortable
  • Forefinger and thumb padding
  • Pittards gripster technology increases grip with sweat
  • Large, xx-large sizes are not available
  • Not breathable

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5). Pickleball-X Performance Individual Glove

Pickleball-X Performance Individual Glove

One of the best men’s and women’s pickleball gloves from Franklin sports is the pickleball-X performance individual glove. As the name suggests, it is available in a single piece. It is available for left-hand players only. With the use of gripster technology from the inside, it provides an easy, comfortable, and firm grip even with sweating conditions.

The floating thumb design makes it easy for players to wear and remove gloves. For better fitting, there is a magic-based wrist strap for closure. Knuckles are engineered in such a way as to provide ventilation that can really dry out wet conditions inside the gloves. For comfortable game-play, good quality and comfortable padding are provided in these gloves.

For men these gloves are available in three sizes: x-small, small and x-large. However, only two size options are available for women e.g. large and x-large.

  • Available for both men and women
  • Design supports ventilation
  • Firm inner grip
  • Padding to protect hands
  • Only available for players who prefer using the left hand
  • Not so rich in terms of sizing options

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6). Advantage Pickleball Unisex Glove

Advantage Pickleball Unisex Glove

Advantage has developed a half figured pickleball gloves for enhancing game performance. This pickleball glove provides a firm and comfortable grip. Palm design is extremely sleek, comfortable, and of good quality.

This glove is available in only the right-handed version. Wrist straps make it a lot easier to fit the gloves around your hand. The back of the gloves has a mesh design that is completely breathable. This lets your hand feel cool while you are practicing or playing an intense game.

Advantage pickleball unisex glove is available in only a single-sized option. This makes it one of the best pickleball gloves for women.

  • Mesh back allows hand cooling
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Not suitable for winter seasons
  • Only right-handed
  • Women only
  • Available in only one size

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7). Selkirk Attaktix Women’s Pickleball Gloves

Selkirk Attaktix Women

For enhancing the game performance of female pickleball players, Selkrikhas introduced Selkirk Attaktix women’s pickleball gloves. The use of FLEXX-FIT compression technology makes these women’s pickleball gloves highly flexible and durable. These gloves provide natural fitting to your hand skin.

Premium leather provides a dry, secure, and firm grip. These gloves provide instant fitting on your hands. You don’t need to wait for gloves to get settled down. In fact, you can instantly start playing your game.

The top of the gloves is composed of a tricot perforated cool skin fabric which provides a considerable amount of breathing. The aesthetics, design, color, and overall look of Selkirk women’s pickleball gloves are extremely nice. This makes it indeed one of the best pickleball gloves for women.

  • Breathable
  • Natural fitting on skin
  • Nice, comfortable and easy grip
  • There is no padding for protection
  • Only available for women

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8). Optima Max Grip Cabretta Leather Racquetball Gloves

Optima Max Grip Cabretta Leather Pickleball

Optima has made racquetball gloves that are suitable for pickleball as well. These gloves are available in both right and left-handed orientation. Full finger design makes it suitable for use in both cold and warm conditions.

Gloves are made to be really comfortable with the use of ultra-thin sheepskin. The use of sheepskin makes the gloves to be highly comfortable, soft, and easy to use. The overall design and build quality of the gloves is extremely good. The design and aesthetics are very nice.

Due to the absolute tacky nature, the grip provided by optima max grip pickleball gloves is really firm. The back of the gloves is made breathable by using a mesh design. This makes it a lot comfortable to clear out moisture from the back of your hands. Available in multiple design and size options made us include it in the list of best-rated pickleball gloves for men and women.

  • Breathable from back
  • Extra soft due to sheepskin palm
  • Firm grip
  • Tacky
  • Full finger design makes it suitable for winter use
  • Expensive
  • No sort of padding is present

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9). HEAD Pickleball Glove

HEAD Pickleball Glove

HEAD Gloves has employed its years of experience in building high tech sports equipment. HEAD has once again applied its skill to build perfect pickleball gloves. For making it, high-quality synthetic leather is used. Synthetic leather has made it light-weight, durable, and flexible.

The Silicon web layer is embedded on the entire palm for supreme grip on pickleball handles and racquetball handles. Aesthetics, color, design, and textures are really awesome. HEAD pickleball gloves are available for players using either left or right hand for playing the game.

For enhanced protection, padding is added to knuckles. With the additional protection, you can play and dive freely without any sort of worry of injury. Ventilated spandex fabric is added on the top of gloves for the circulation of air.

This breathable design helps you feel cooling in a hot and humid environment. Due to all these features, it is rated as one of the best pickleball gloves for professionals.

  • Breathable
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Enhanced grip through silicon palm
  • Awesome looks
  • Padding on knuckles
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Easily washable
  • XXL size is not available
  • Available for men

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10). Bionic Men’s and Women’s Right Hand Racquetball and Pickleball Glove

Bionic Men's and Women's Right Hand Pickleball Glove

Made using sheepskin leather makes Bionic Men’s Pickleball and Racquetball glove highly reliable, durable, and comfortable. However, it is available for the right hand only. From the inside of the glove, eleven terry cloth mini-towels are used. These towels absorb moisture and assist in keeping your hands absolutely sweat-free.

You might be wondering why these gloves are given the title of Bionic? The answer is that a high tech anatomical pad system is employed in these gloves. These anatomical pads provide an extremely nice fitting and grip. These bionic pickleball gloves are available in multiple sizing options and that too for both men and women.

  • Reliable and durable
  • Firm grip due to anatomical pads
  • Moisture absorbers
  • Easy to use
  • Multi-size availability
  • No sort of breathability
  • The wrist strap is a little uncomfortable
  • Expansive

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11). HEAD Airflow Tour Glove for Pickleball and Racquetball

HEAD Airflow Tour Glove for Pickleball

One of the most promising multi-sport gloves suitable for both pickleball and racquetball has been introduced in the market by HEAD sports. This HEAD airflow tour glove for pickleball is extremely sleek in its design and build quality.

It is actually made up of stitching different materials. Glove’s palm is made up of perforated Cabretta leather. This sort of perforated palm allows grip as well as good airflow through gloves. So, your hands can feel cooling due to the inflow of air.

For breathability, the top of the glove is made up of nylon mesh. The use of nylon gives it strength and air conduction. For protecting knuckles, AIRPRENE is used. Build quality, stitching and design are really good.

  • Protection of knuckles
  • Excellent stitching
  • Absolutely breathable
  • Multi-size availability
  • Expansive

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12). Wilson Clutch Racquetball Right Hand Glove

Wilson Clutch Racquetball Right Hand Glove

Wilson clutch racquetball and pickleball glove uses the new comfort technology and provides additional cushioning. For firm grip, this cushioning is provided on the heel and forefinger. This new comfort technology has also made the glove more reliable.

To control grip after shot, new sticky skin technology is used. This innovation locks your grip even after you firmly hit a ball. Magic wristband helps fitting it on your hand. Its design and color scheme is really nice. However, the glove is available for players who prefer using the right hand.

  • Comfort technology
  • Sticky skin technology
  • Sleek design
  • Protective cushioning
  • Multi sizing option
  • No breathability
  • Available for right handed players only

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13). PROKENNEX Pure 1 Racquetball Glove

PROKENNEX Pure 1 Racquetball Glove

For comfortable feeling, use and firm grip Pure has employed Cabretta leather in making this glove. Finger boxes are made up of sheepskin leather for a comfortable and soft feel. Custom reflex fitting technology enables proper and easy fitting of fingers in finger boxes. This adds to the firmness of grip.

To protect knuckles against shock and injury, neoprene is used. One of the best features of neoprene is that it is breathable. However, this full-finger design comes in a single design and sizing.

  • Comfortable and soft
  • Breathable
  • Neoprene padding
  • Single size

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14). Tourna Hot Glove Mitt for Tennis and Pickleball

Tourna Hot Glove Mitt for Tennis and Pickleball

Made to make you feel comfortable and provide warmth on cold days. Both ends of the Tourna hot glove are open. You can easily slide your hand through this glove. It is extremely easy to wear and take off.

Some players find it good for playing pickleball as you don`t lose the feel of racket.This is because you are holding pickleball paddle directly. It is absolutely breathable and it is shipped in a single size. This size is flexible enough to fit all.

  • Easy to use
  • Player don`t loose feel of paddle
  • Ideal for pickleball and tennis
  • Keeps hands warm during cool environment
  • Breathable
  • One size fits all
  • No sort of padding is present

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Why Pickleball Gloves are Important for You?- [Benefits of Pickleball Gloves]

I think first of all it’s important to discuss what benefits we get by using pickleball gloves?

However, if you already know the benefits of using pickleball gloves then you are welcome to skip and jump to the Ultimate List of Best Rated Pickleball Gloves in 2021.

In this section, I am going to discuss the advantages pickleball gloves offer you. So, let’s get on with some benefits of using pickleball gloves.

Enhanced Grip and Control

In most cases, sticky type material is used across the palms and fingers. This sticky sort of material enhances your grip over the pickleball paddle. With this enhanced grip, you can effectively control a pickleball paddle while you are practicing or playing.

Both of these factors can really improve your overall gameplay and winning percentage. Secondly, pickleball is an extremely fast game like squash, tennis, and volleyball.

Although later one is a little different. But in pickleball, squash, and tennis you need to play extremely fast. In any fast game, grip and control is the key to your victory.

Moisture and Sweat Absorption

As we play, our body temperature rises. Moreover, anxiety and depression can also give rise to sweat. Most of the anxiety cases have sweat on their hands.

If you are playing pickleball in such sweaty conditions, then grabbing and using your pickleball paddle is never going to be easy for you. Sweat can degrade your performance considerably, as it can put a negative effect on your grip over the paddle or racket.

Using pickleball gloves can really soak this moisture from your sweat and enable your hands to be dry. This can ultimately increase the firmness of your grip. This is the main reason that most pickleball players or tennis players quite often wear gloves.

Temperature Control

Best pickleball gloves can control the effect of environmental temperature. Pickleball gloves prove to be handy in both cold and hot seasons. If you are playing in cold conditions, then pickleball gloves can provide you warmth and make it comfortable to use your hands.

Cold weather contracts your muscles and causes them to be a little rigid. With warmth, muscles can become flexible and work normally for you.

Hot summer weather causes your hands to sweat. Wearing a glove in pickleball is extremely good as gloves can absorb moisture caused by your sweat (as I have discussed earlier). This gives you relief from itchy conditions caused by sweat.

Style Statement

Each game has some sort of kit associated with it. Some players like to play using complete game kits. It looks good as well as it improves performance. Pickleball gloves offer you a style that most viewers and players love.

Players can get custom-designed gloves. Some players use these custom-designed gloves as style statements and icons. Cheap pickleball gloves normally don`t provide you rich design options. But pickleball gloves for professional players are really rich in terms of design options.

Protection and Ergonomics

Holding a pickleball paddle for longer periods of time can cause wear and tear, bruises and blisters on your hands. Pickleball gloves protect your palms and fingers from these issues.

If you are an agile player who loves to strike pickleball hard, this can additionally put pressure on your fingers. There are chances that pickleball hits your hands. This can cause injury to your fingers which is extremely painful. Pickleball gloves are padded and this feature offers you enhanced protection against hard surfaces.

Things to Consider before Buying Best Pickleball Gloves

A huge variety of pickleball gloves are available on Amazon and the local market as well. But finding the best pickleball gloves for you is not that easy. However, for my readers, I am providing some factors that you must consider before buying pickleball gloves.


Buying anything involves a budget. I recommend giving top priority to your budget even before searching for the best pickleball gloves for you. With a flexible budget, you can look for a variety of options. Otherwise, you have quite a limited number of buying options.

Franklin pickleball gloves and Head pickleball gloves are mostly liked and bought by players. Both these are extremely good for professionals as well as beginners.

However, these are a little expensive. But if you are a beginner, you can buy any cheap pickleball gloves. These will also provide you the necessary features essential for your game.

However, such gloves are not always good as they are not that durable and reliable. But if you have a flexible budget then go for professional gloves for pickleball players.

Palm Material

For buying the best pickleball glove pair, you should consider palm material. It is extremely important as the most grip of the pickleball handle lies in the palm. A variety of materials are used in making palm pickleball gloves. The following are some leather materials commonly used for making palms.

  • Sheepskin Leather
  • Goatskin Leather
  • Tackified Leather
  • Synthetic Leather

The palm material is important for reliability, durability, grip, and comfort of hands. Each of these materials has its own pros and cons. Have a look at these as this will ease your selection process a great deal.

Palm MaterialProsCons
Sheepskin LeatherSoft, comfortable, durable, reliableExtremely costly
Goatskin LeatherCheap, comfortable as sheepskinSoftness decreases with time, not so durable
Tackified LeatherBest grip, solid, durable, toughSwitching grip is difficult
Synthetic LeatherTexture, good gripLess soft and comfortable


Pickleball glove size is really important for your game. Pickleball gloves are available in a variety of sizes like junior, small, medium, large, x-large, and xx-large. You should try to find a pair of pickleball gloves that fit your hand properly.

A too-tight pair of gloves will restrict your muscle movements as these will be less flexible. On the other hand, a loose one will be causing slipperiness in your hands.

Best gloves provide you a variety of sizing options. Apart from size, such gloves offer you comfortable fitting and grip.

Design and Color Schemes

Aesthetics and attractiveness also matter a lot for people. A lot of us judge things on the basis of their physical appearances. If you are a professional player, then probably everything you are using to play is under observation. People try to follow you. Even in normal life, we are obsessed with colors and design.

A variety of colors and design options are available in pickleball gloves on amazon and local markets. As far as design is concerned, each person has his own preferences. Women’s pickleball gloves usually have lighter delicate designs when compared to men`s pickleball gloves.


Another important thing you should consider before buying the best pickleball gloves for you is breathability. Pickleball gloves also come in perforated palms. Perforated palms allow air to flow inside the gloves for drying up the moisture. Air flowing into the gloves can make your hands feel cool.

However, one major drawback of gloves with perforated palms is that air can’t dry too much sweat on your hands. Moreover, perforated palms can’t soak sweat as much as with a non-perforated design.

Protective Padding

For protective game-play, you need some sort of cushioning and the best way is to buy pickleball gloves with protective padding. The level of the padding varies from one product to the other. Generally, neoprene provides the thickest protective layer while spandex provides the thinnest protection.

On one side, padding provides a considerable amount of cushioning and sweat soaking. On the other side, pickleball gloves with padding are not breathable. So, if your gloves have neoprene as a protection layer then these will be not breathable probably.

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What are the advantages of using pickleball gloves?

Wearing pickleball gloves enables you to have a firm grip on the pickleball paddle. Gloves can also protect you while you sling or lash onto a shot. Using pickleball gloves can save your hands from the effect of temperature. They can provide warmth in cold weather. Gloves can soak your sweat while you are playing.

How to select the best pickleball gloves?

A variety of pickleball gloves are available on the internet. Selecting the best pickleball gloves is really tricky. You should consider durability, comfortless, price, reliability, breathability, fitting, firm grip, design, aesthetics, injury protection, and glove materials for finding top-rated products.

Pickleball gloves should be durable, reliable, and comfortable enough to provide value for money. Aesthetics, design, and colors should be attractive for yourself and others.

Besides these generic characteristics, the best pickleball glove provides a firm grip and control over the paddle for smooth gameplay. Breathable gloves are extremely good as they assist in soaking moisture. The protective layer can save you from a lot of injuries.

What materials are used for making pickleball gloves?

There are a lot of materials available for making pickleball gloves. Some of the materials are sheepskin, goatskin, tackified and synthetic leather. Gloves made up of sheepskin are extremely costly. However, these gloves are soft, comfortable, and provide durability and reliability. Goatskin leather gloves are cheap but as comfortable as sheepskin. However, this comfort decreases with time.

Tackified leather gives you the best grip of all. Gloves made up of this are highly durable and suitable for rough conditions. Pickleball gloves made up of synthetic leather are less comfortable but they can surely provide a good amount of grip.

Are summer and winter pickleball gloves different?

For the most part, you can utilize the same gloves during both summer and winter climates. However, some people are a lot more anxious when compared to others. This sort of anxiety can cause more sweating. So, if you are not feeling comfortable you can use pickleball gloves with super soaking function.

Some people also like the cool breeze touching their hands while they play. If you are in such a situation then you may go for perforated gloves.

Can we use racquetball gloves in pickleball matches?

Gloves used in racquetball and tennis have similar characteristics as pickleball gloves. Both pickleball and racquetball demand gloves to be lighter in weight, reliable, durable, and strong.

Apart from these gloves being used in both these games should provide a nice and easy-grip over the racquet or paddle. For any sort of protection, you will be needing padding. So, yes you can use racquetball gloves to play pickleball.

Final Thoughts

Pickleball is gaining popularity rapidly. But to improve your pickleball game, you need to buy the best pickleball gloves for you. The best pickleball glove will always provide you breathability, firm grip, control, strength, and protection.

I have tried my best to cover all aspects that will help you in selecting the best gloves for playing pickleball. In case of any issues please feel free to write to us.

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