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Best Pickleball Ball Machine [Buyer’s Guide] – Top 3 Pickleball Machines for You

Are you looking to improve your game quickly? Buying the best pickleball machine is the best solution for you.

So, I am writing this buyer’s guide to assist you in selecting the best one from our top 3 best pickleball machines ultimate list.

After reading this, you will be a master in selecting and guiding about pickleball ball launcher for your friends too.

Best Pickleball Machine

3 Best Pickleball Machines for You in 2021

Thousands of players have purchased a pickleball tutor machine. In fact, it is best to sell a pickleball machine due
to its lightweight and features. It can mimic any shot of the game. Players have not only used it for practice but
also have improved their gameplay a great deal.

These things have made it the perfect tutor for all kinds of players.

As per my promise, I am providing you with unbiased reviews about different pickleball machines for sale on amazon in this section.

Have a look at the Product Table for Overview:

Comparison Chart: Best Pickleball Machines

Product TitleSpeedWeightSpinWarrantyBall Capacity:
Lobster Pickleball MachineMax. 60 mph
35 LbsTop, Back Spin2 Years135
On-Court Off-Court Pickleball TutorMax. 65 mph
27 lbs
Top, Back Spin
3 years
On-Court Off-Court Pickleball TutorMax. 60 mph
22lbs (AC powered model)
29 lbs (Battery powered model)
Side spin
3 years

1). Lobster Pickleball Machine Reviews

Lobster Pickleball Machine Reviews

Pickleball lobster machine is one of the best-selling products on amazon and worldwide. The company really took its time to gather knowledge about customer demands. Afterward, Lobster Sports has introduced this power-packed machine in the market.

Some Stunning Feature of Lobster Pickleball Machine

Portability: This machine is highly storage-friendly and portable. Lobster ball machine weighs only 35 lbs and comes with hopper inversion feature. By inverting the hopper, the lobster pickleball machine becomes more compact.

You can easily move this machine around with the help of durable 8-inch wheels. The carrying handle is highly ergonomic to use and it is foldable.

Ball Capacity: Realistically it can hold 100 balls comfortably. However, at max, you can stuff 135 balls in it. This is quite a large number of practices.

Speed: Lobster pickleball drill machine can operate at a speed as low as 10 mph. The top speed of this machine is 60 mph.

Shot Interval: It provides a promising shot interval time from 2 seconds to 12 seconds.

Elevation: You can adjust the machine manually to the elevation level from 0 degrees to 50 degrees. This allows you to practice smashes, dinks, and lobs.

Spinning: Latest Lobster pickleball tutor facilitates players with both topspin and backspin options.

Oscillation: To keep practicing unpredictable, lobster drill machine provides random horizontal oscillation. This oscillator moves the machine randomly in the horizontal direction. In this way, the machine serves your balls in random directions. You can improve your backhand, forehand, and footwork in gameplay.

Power Options: It is a battery-powered machine. You will have to charge it before use.

Charging Time: This machine requires a charging time of about 12 hours to fully charge the empty battery.

Backup Time: With a fully charged and functional battery, pickleball lobster can support up to 4 hours of court gameplay.

Remote Control: For convenience in use, you can use the elite remote control (shipped with the machine)

Notification LEDs: There is a low battery and charging LED indicators on the machine.

Technical Specifications

Weight:35 lbs
Handle Type:Folding
Ball Capacity:135
Speed:10-60 mph
Feed Interval:2-12 seconds
Elevation Angle:0-50 degree
Spinning:Top spin, Back spin
Power Source:Battery
Charge Time:12 Hours
Backup Time:4 hours
Setting Options:Remote, Machine console
Notification LED:Empty Battery, Charging/Charged
Warranty:2 years
  • Huge capacity hopper
  • Portable
  • Compact
  • Horizontal oscillations
  • Good backup time
  • Remote control
  • Nice speed options and feed interval
  • Spinning options
  • No provision for AC/DC power
  • Plastic body
  • Realistically hopper can hold only 100 balls
  • Wheels are not so durable user manual in a packing box
  • The oscillator is not two-lined
  • No support for external battery

Although no user manual is shipped with this model, you can find a lot of lobster pickleball machine videos on social media and YouTube. However, this is not a problem. This machine is a little costly but you can find any used lobster pickleball machine for sale on the internet and have a look at it.

2). On-Court Off-Court Pickleball Tutor Plus Pickleball Machine

On-Court Off-Court Pickleball Tutor Plus Pickleball Machine Reviews

The second top product on our list is the On-Court Off-Court pickleball tutor plus machine. Due to its features and prices, it is the best pickleball machine for beginners.

Some Stunning Feature of On-Court Off-Court Pickleball Machine

Portability: Although this machine weighs 34 lbs it’s not highly portable. The reason is that it comes with small wheels (3 inches) which makes it extremely difficult to drag for longer distances.

Additionally, the handle is mounted on the machine and it is not extendable. This adds to difficulties in moving the machine from one place to another.

Ball Capacity: This machine comes with a ball hopper with a good capacity of 110 balls.

Speed: The latest on-court off-court pickleball tutor plus machine has a maximum speed of 65 mph. So, it offers beginner players a chance to practice for high speed smashes.

Feed Interval: You can adjust ball feed speed between 1 to 10 seconds according to your need.

Elevation: Now this is the main edge of this machine. For adjustment of elevation, you can use an electronic switch on the machine console in place of a traditional manual knob. There are two elevation options: high and low.

Spinning: Provides rich levels for both top spin and backspin practice.

Oscillation: For more intense practice drills, pickleball tutor plus has introduced an exciting two-line oscillation feature. You can use an electronic switch to set oscillation to either random or two-line option. Two-line oscillator comes in handy if you want to improve your backhand gameplay along-with forehand gameplay.

Using this feature two players can practice simultaneously.

Power Option: The latest tutor plus pickleball machine provides two power options. You can operate it either using AC power or battery power.

Charging Time: Charging a fully empty internal battery requires about 12 hours.

Backup Time: A fully charged internal battery is enough for 3-4 hours of gameplay. You can also use an external battery with it if your drill time exceeds 4 hours.

Remote Control: A wireless remote is shipped with this machine. Remote has only a button for controlling ball feed and oscillations.

Technical Specifications

Weight:27 lbs
Wheels:3 inch towing wheels
Handle Type:Not extendable, not adjustable
Ball Capacity:110
Speed:Max. 65 mph
Feed Interval:1-10 seconds
Elevation Angle:Electronic control
Spinning:Both top and back spin
Oscillation:Two line and random
Power Source:AC, Battery
Charge Time:12 hours
Backup Time:3-4 hours
External Battery:Yes
Setting Options:Remote, Console Panel
Notification LED:None
Warranty:3 years
  • Hopper has a good capacity
  • Lightweight
  • Two-line oscillator
  • Electronic elevation
  • Good backup time
  •  Nice speed options and feed interval
  • Both spinning options
  • Uses AC power or battery
  • Supports external battery and AC power source
  • Huge warranty
  • No provision of DC power
  • Portability is an issue
  • Small wheels
  • Only two elevation options: high or low
  • No LED notifications
  • Only two buttoned remote control

The on-court off-court pickleball tutor plus is indeed the best pickleball machine for intermediate players and beginner players as well. Moreover, it is one of the best pickleball machines for outdoor play.

3). On-Court Off-Court Pickleball Tutor Spin Machine

On-Court Off-Court Pickleball Tutor Spin Machine Reviews

By far this is the most common machine. You can see it in a lot of videos with different coaches or tutors using it. The Pickleball tutor spin machine looks like a box and is highly portable due to its weight.

In addition to being lightweight, it provides a good capacity hopper. This machine comes in two models: Battery powered and AC powered.

Let’s have a look at the features of this machine:

Portability: For portability, a handle is mounted on the pickleball machine. One of the best things about this handle is that it is adjustable. AC powered machine model weighs only 22 lbs.

However, the battery-powered model is little heavy i.e. 29 lbs. You can easily lift it up in your arms. But if you want to drag it, you can use an external trolley with wheels. Otherwise, it is light enough to pick.

Hopper Capacity: Hopper of this machine is really capacious. It can hold 125 balls comfortably. Hopper closes like a box and this makes it more compact.

Speed: You can use nob at the console to change the speed from short dink to as high as 60 mph.

Feed Interval: On the machine, you will find a button titled ‘BALL FEED’. You can use this knob to adjust feed interval time from 1 to 10 seconds.

Elevation: Elevation is controlled via a 5 level manual knob on the side of the machine. You can easily adjust it from a lob to a smash.

Spin: Pickleball Tutor Spin machine only provides you with a sidespin. There is no backspin option in it. This is a little drawback to it.

Oscillation: You can only turn oscillation on or off. Remember that this machine only offers a single line oscillation.

Power Option: The machine comes with two models: battery-powered and AC powered.

Charging Time: Charging an empty battery requires 12 hours’ time.

Backup Time: A fully charged battery is enough for 3 to 4 hours of drilling session.

Remote Control: It is equipped with two functioned remote control. 1) Oscillations 2) Ball feed ON/OFF

Technical Specifications

Weight:22lbs (AC powered model)

29 lbs (Battery powered model)
Handle Type:Extendable
Ball Capacity:125
Speed:Max. 60 mph
Feed Interval:1-10 seconds
Elevation Angle:Manual 5 level control
Spinning:Side spin
Power Source:Either AC or Battery powered
Charge Time:12 hours
Backup Time:3-4 hours
External Battery:No
Setting Options:Remote, Console Panel
Notification LED:None
Warranty:3 years
  • Huge capacity hopper
  • Lightweight in both versions
  • Good backup time
  • Nice speed options and feed interval
  • Good warranty
  • Easy to carry
  • No provision of DC power
  • Machine offers single power option
  • Top spin option is missing
  • No LED notifications
  • Only two buttoned remote control

Why You Need to Get a Pickleball Machine?

In every aspect of life, there is a saying “Practice Makes a Man Perfect”. This saying applies to almost all the things in our lives whether we study, drive, and use computers.

Similarly, almost all the games including the pickleball games require a great deal of practice. With practice comes perfection.

You need to do practice whether you are a beginner or intermediate or advanced pickleball players. Although at an advanced professional level, you will not need an extensive practicing session.

However, true thing is that you will need practice. But for a beginner pickleball player, practice is most important.

In fact, it is key to game improvement. A lot of sports analysts think that you can only improve your game while playing with experienced players. But if you look at the other side of it, you might find it a little odd.

Beginner player can get under extreme pressure if he or she keeps on loosing from experienced players. This pressure will not enable them to concentrate.

As a result, instead of doing good, they do harm to their game. That’s when the pickleball machine becomes handy.

Benefits of Using Pickleball Ball Machine

You can use a pickleball ball machine as an opponent player for practicing rules and shots. But its use is not limited to beginner players only. In fact, players at each level of the game can use new and used pickleball machines.

Let’s talk about some benefits:

  1. Pickleball machines behave the same as an opponent in the match. These machines can throw balls towards you at varying speeds, orientations, and directions.
  2. You can set these automatic machines to throw balls at specific speeds. So that you can practice shots of specific speed. If you have a problem playing fast-paced shots you can set a machine to throw the ball towards you at a faster speed. Apart from this, you can also do the reverse as well.
  3. These machines can be configured to serve, volley play, lob shots, and dink/drop shots with different speeds and directions. So, you can master these sorts of shots with practice sessions.
  4. You can set a pickleball machine to throw balls at alternate positions of the court. This can stabilize your movements around the court.
  5. The machine can be set to either behave randomly or at some fixed settings.
  6. There is no sort of time restrictions with these machines. You can practice around a time of your choice whether in the morning or evening (probably the court is available). Machines don’t get tired so you can practice for as much time as you want.
  7. Partners that you have selected to play with you during practice have their own preferences. But there is only one aim for these machines and that is to make you play.
  8. If you take your game seriously and want to improve it then consider buying a pickleball machine is really a good option.

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Pickleball Machine

Selecting the best pickleball machine can be really complex and tiring task. But with the help of this buyer’s guide, you will be able to find out your dream product. So, in this section, I will discuss various features of the pickleball machine.

Although you will not find all the features in a single product. But you should try to get find out the product with maximum features.


As with all other buyer’s guide, I will start this one with the same and that is obviously Budget. Obviously, if you have a flexible budget then you can probably think to buy products with more features. However, in the case of a limited budget, you can go for cheap pickleball machines.

Consider buying a used pickleball machine if you have a limited budget. Instead of buying a brand new pickleball machine, considering an older one is really a good choice.

You can browse around and find the best-used pickleball ball machines in the same budget. In this way, you can get a good number of features in your limited budget.


Those who can afford may have a pickleball court right in their houses. Such people can buy machines without worrying about portability.

However, there is a majority of people who have to go to a special purpose court to enjoy their game. For such kind of people, portability matters a lot.

Pickleball machines having driving wheels, handle, and lighter in weight is easy to carry around. You can drag these machines using the handle and wheels to the court comfortably. This gives you a considerable amount of freedom and facility.


In a game like a tennis, badminton, and pickleball, speed control is the key. Don’t expect to receive return shots paced at the same speed. Instead, your opponent will try to dodge you by playing shots at different speeds. Before buying a machine consider speed options.

However, counting on a number of speed options is not enough. Instead, look for both minimum and maximum speed values. Machines can give you discrete and continuous speed options. A machine providing you with continuous options is in fact best because discrete speed options are quite limited.

I recommend you to always keep in mind the average minimum and maximum speeds of shots. As a standard, the best pickleball ball machine offers you versatility in ball launch speed.

Most of the machines give 10 miles per hour as minimum speed while 65 miles per hour as maximum speed.

Interval between Shots

Another important feature of the pickleball machine is the waiting time between shots. This varies from machine to machine. In dynamic games like pickleball, every player plays at a different pace.

Even a single player varies game pace to cope with opponents. So, the best pickleball machine offers you multiple interval timer options. You can vary the timer and enhance your drill experience.

Adjustable Shot Arc and Elevation

The ball comes out of the machine through a shot arc. This shot arc is extremely critical for pitching you with variable shot options. So, I would recommend you to ensure that the shot arc is adjustable or not. An adjustable shot arc is beneficial as it provides you variety. You can adjust the arc angle to practice playing lobs and dink shots.

Ball Spin

Playing a spinning ball is challenging as the ball changes its direction after the bounce. A player has to judge the movement right after the bounce and play it on merit. This is the most difficult thing about these shots. You can’t expect a human opponent to every time spin a ball right in front of you.

But if the opponent is strong at it then you should try to prepare well before playing the match. The same thing applies to practicing with a human as human beings are not consistent in a spinning ball.

But what if I say that the pickleball drill machine can do it for you? Yes, it is.

The best pickleball machine offers you spinning features. You can set the machine to throw the ball with a topspin or back spinning option. So, you can practice these types of shots in a more consistent manner.


Most of the shots in games come to unpredictable locations. Machine with oscillation features is configured to keep balls as unpredictable as possible.

So, an automated oscillation pattern is another feature to consider before selecting the best pickleball machines.

However, machines with this feature are quite costly. Finding a used lobster pickleball machine for sale is another good alternative for you. I am sure that you will find these at a cheap price.

Power Options

Now that’s an interesting feature to look for. There are two verities in terms of power options:

  1. Some machines are only battery powered. You will need to charge such machines before usage.
  2. Professional pickleball machines come with an AC/DC power option allowing you to use these machines on generator or electricity.

Best pickleball machines support you with multiple power sources AC/DC and even battery. So, you have quite a number of power options to use on electricity, generator power, and battery.

Backup Time

Battery storage capacity and backup time are very important factors in the selection of pickleball machines. It is possible that you may not find an electricity source near the court. So, in these times you will need battery power. Machine with longer backup time offers you a greater amount of time to practice.

Remote Controlling

This makes controlling your machine in a convenient manner. You can carry remote control in your pocket and configure your machine from there. Machines without remote control require you to walk to machines for changing machine settings.

How many pickleball balls a pickleball machine could hold?

Now that is another important factor. You should critically watch for the capacity of the machine hopper. Different pickleball machines come with different capacities. I recommend you choose a machine with a capacity that best suits your drill duration routine.

A machine hopper supporting less number of balls has an associated disadvantage. In a quick time, all the balls from the hopper will be thrown for gameplay. To continue your drill, you will need to collect these balls again and put them in the hopper. This will make you start and pause your drills. You may just not get your rhythm to establish. One advantage of this is high portability.

On the other side, a machine hopper might support 150+ balls. But trust me these balls are too much. As an advantage, this much capacity gives you ample time to get going for a good time before refilling the machine hopper. But trust me, 150+ is a huge capacity.

Now take a look at its drawback. Imagine playing on a pickleball court with 100+ balls all around the court. You might get slipped from one of these.

Secondly, collecting that number of balls will ask for a longer break and you might lose your rhythm again. Even if you have a coach, your coach will not allow you to play 150 or more balls in a single go.

In my view, a pickleball machine with a capacity of 100 balls is good enough for your drills. You can get enough practice time before getting a break. At the same time, you will get a good time to breathe and refresh yourself.

Bottom Line

Using a pickleball machine is indeed a very good option for practicing and improving your game. But selecting the best pickleball machine for you is tricky. Using this buyer’s guide, you will know all the aspects necessary for assessing pickleball machines. I hope that you will like it. In case of any issue, please feel free to contact us. Stay tuned as there is a lot more to come.

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