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How to Play Pickleball in 2022 – [From Beginner to Professional]

Are you looking for someone to teach you how to play pickleball? If you are reading this, then you are probably in the right place.

As a professional pickleball coach, I thought it to be extremely necessary to write this blog post for those who are struggling to start pickleball.

But before the start let me be very clear that the pickleball game is not that much tough as you have thought it to be. So, please be confident and start learning pickleball from scratch using this step-by-step pickleball for dummies guide.

How to Play Pickleball

Pickleball Basics that You Need to Know – Quick Overview

Pickleball Game is increasingly becoming popular among people belonging to all age groups. One of the reasons for its popularity is that it is quite similar to Tennis, Badminton, and Ping Pong.

It is an interesting, fast-paced, and challenging game.

A court with fixed dimensions is used for playing this game. You can use outdoor as well as indoor facilities to play in. Players can enjoy playing both singles and doubles.

Pickleball rules are easy to learn by beginners. After reading this guide on pickleball how to play will be out of the question for you and I am pretty much sure about it.

You need only a few simple gear items to start playing pickleball from the beginner level.

Brief Pickleball History –Facts that you will love

1965 – The Birth of Pickleball

On a Saturday during summer, Joel Pritchard (congressman) returned to his home with Bill Bell. They were sitting quite with their families around them. They were bored and had nothing to do. There was a badminton court in the area.

Pritchard and Bell tried to find badminton great play around. However, they were unable to find the gear. All they found was a pair of ping-pong paddles and a perforated plastic ball. So, they started playing with these.

Initially, they played it as volleyball with a net height of 60 inches. Later on, they lowered the net to 36 inches as they noticed the ball was bouncing.

Later on, both Pritchard and Bell discussed this new game concept with Barney McCallum. After that, these three men started working on the rules for pickleball (not named at that time).

1967 – First Pickleball Court

In the backyard of Bob O’ Brian, the first permanent pickleball court was made. O’ Brian was a friend and neighbor of Pritchard.

1976 – First Unofficial Pickleball Tournament

The world`s first known pickleball tournament was organized in Washington.

1984 – First Pickleball Rule Book and Pickleball Paddles

The first book comprising pickleball rules was published. In the same year, the first pickleball paddle was built by Arlen Paronto. Arlen Paronto made 1000 pickleball paddles using fiberglass and graphite.

2001 – Including Pickleball in Senior Olympics

Through the efforts of Earn Hill, pickleball tournaments were included for the first time in Arizona Senior Olympics.

2005 – Establishment of USAPA

In 2005, the USA Pickleball Association (USAPA)was formed as a regulatory body. Later on, all the things including rules, tournaments, and players came into its jurisdiction.

2008 – Official Pickleball Game Rules

The official Pickleball Tournament Rulebook was published by USAPA. This book contained all the rules of the pickleball game. All worldwide tournaments are currently following the same set of rules.

2009 – First Pickleball Tournament Organized by USAPA

In November 2009, players of all ages played the first USA Pickleball Association National Tournament. Players from both the USA and Canada took part. USAPA is an official pickleball global community. Equipment, tournaments, and fixtures are regulated by USAPA.

Interesting Pickleball Facts in 2022

Present State

Although this game was introduced in the USA first. But because of its similarity to tennis, a few easy rules, cheap gear, and excitement involved, pickleball gameplay is becoming popular in Europe and even Asian countries with the passage of time.

Why is it called Pickleball? – [Another Exciting Fact]

There are absolutely no pickles involved in this game. However, history reveals three power facts as reasons behind its name.

  1. Due to a combination of rules and equipment from various games like tennis, ping-pong, and badminton, Pritchard`s wife named it pickleball.
  2. According to McCallum, Pritchard had a dog whose name was a pickle. So, the game was named after the dog. However, the word ball came from the fact that the game was played using a ball.

Understand the Playing Area First – The Pickleball Court

Before learning how to play pickleball, it is necessary to first understand the arena a.k.a. pickleball court. A typical pickleball court has a fixed area with guiding lines. There is a net right in the middle of the arena. Players play on both sides of the net. To understand the playing area, you need to first understand:

  1. Pickleball Court, dimensions
  2. Dividing lines
  3. Central net

Pickleball Court and Its Dimensions

The size of the pickleball court is 20 feet wide and 44 feet long in dimensions. If you measure a pickleball court diagonally then it measures 48 feet and 4 inches. In fact, this court is the same as the court used for playing badminton doubles. The same court is used for playing different variations of this game:

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  • Singles Pickleball game
  • Doubles Pickleball game


There is a net right in the middle of the court for playing pickleball. Each side of the net is 22 feet long. Out of 22 feet, one area is known as Non-Valley Zone. It is in front of the central net and sometimes it is also called Kitchen. Pickleball Kitchen Size is 7 feet.

The remaining 15 feet are designated as Service Area. The service area is used by players to play the game. Both sides of the center net have these service areas. Service Area on each side is further divided into two service partitions having equal dimensions:

  1. Left service area
  2. Right service area

Lines in the Court

All of these areas are highlighted by using different lines. One important thing to note is that the dimensions of the pickleball court are inclusive of these lines.

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Pickleball Net

Both kitchen zones are separated using a central net called a pickleball net. This net has different heights at the sidelines and center. On the sidelines it is pickleball net height is 36 inches. However, at the center, the net is 34 inches high.

What Sort of Pickleball Equipment You Will does Need?

For playing pickleball you don`t need extensive or expensive equipment. Instead, you need a small quantity of pickleball gear. These equipment items are not much expensive. As a beginner, you can simply buy cheap pickleball gear.

Let’s dive into different must have pickleball accessories:

Pickleball Paddles | Pickleball Racquets

Just like tennis or ping-pong, you will need specialized rackets for playing this game. Pickleball rackets are not much longer as used in tennis.

That’s why these are termed as paddles quite often. For better performance, you should try to buy some really good paddles. Best pickleball paddles usually provide the following features:

  • Strength
  • Reliability
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to grip and use
  • Comfortable handle
  • Standard sized face

To select pickleball paddles Amazon is probably the best choice for you. This is because amazon hosts dozens of USAPA-approved paddles.

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Hand Covers – Pickleball Gloves

The second thing that you might need to play this game is the gloves. However, using pickleball gloves is not necessary. You can play without these too.

But using proper pickleball gloves assists you while play. You can get many benefits.

  • Gloves can provide increase your grip and control over the handle.
  • In extreme cold, gloves provide you warmth and ease of use.
  • Using gloves can prevent injuries.

Pickleball Ball

Like other games, you will need a pickleball ball obviously. This ball is specialized in its construction. This ball is made up of plastic and has a perforated structure.

If you have an indoor pickleball facility, then you will need balls with larger sized holes. However, for outdoor pickleball gameplay, much harder and reliable balls are needed.

These sorts of balls have much smaller holes. It is recommended that you buy USAPA approved balls for playing.

Automation – Pickleball Ball Machine

For improving your pickleball skill levels, you may use the pickleball ball throwing machine. This machine may prove to be handy for you as it allows you to practice even in the absence of any opponent.

However, this is an optional gear. If you regularly go to your club, then you might not need it. Playing with a human opponent always gives you more experience.

Clothing for Pickleball

There is no restriction on what you wear as pickleball clothes. I personally recommend you to wear something comfortable, reliable and breathable.

For selecting your clothing, please do consider weather conditions. Men normally use sweatpants, trousers, t-shirts, and shorts while females prefer using tennis skirts.

Shoes for Pickleball

Another critical gear for pickleball is your shoes. As it is quick to play games so you should be quick on your feet. There are fewer shoes specifically designed for this game. But you can use any comfortable shoes like those used in tennis or badminton.

Pickleball Glasses

While playing pickleball eye protection is really necessary. Glasses or goggles can protect you from injuries caused by ball hit. Similarly, during outdoor pickleball gameplay, glasses can provide you UV light protection. Similarly, if you are playing into the sunlight, goggles prove to be handy in reducing sunlight reflection.

Pickleball Hats, Caps, and Visors

You can protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun by using hats, caps, or visors for pickleball. These will surely prevent sunlight from directly penetrating your eyes.

In cold weather, these can provide warmth to your head.

Water Bottles for Pickleball

Pickleball is a fast-paced game played in different sets. During the break-in between these sets, you might feel dry throat. Playing with a dry throat is extremely difficult. To get rid of this dryness, you must have a water bottle with you.

Pickleball Portable Nets

There are chances that you may not have a pickleball court near your location. If you still want to play, you will need some sort of place and net. You can select any nearby place and designate it as you’re playing area.

But when it comes to the net, you simply can’t let your net to be there. Somebody may tear it out or take it home. Portable nets for pickleball is the solution for you. You can buy it and have it in your pickleball accessories in your bag.

Pickleball Bags

For carrying pickleball gear from home to your club, you will need some sort of carrying bag. A bag makes it much easier for you to port your luggage. A variety of styles are available on amazon. If you are professional, you can use a backpack pickleball bag.

Other variations include:

  • Tote bag
  • Sling bag
  • Duffle bags

Pickleball Game Set

Quite often buying a pickleball game set is an extremely good option rather than buying each individual item separately. Buying individual pickleball gear is sometimes costly.

On Amazon, you will be able to find a lot of promising game sets. The in-game set usually, common items used for playing the game are included. For example:

  • Paddles
  • Balls
  • Portable net
  • Carrying bag

Basic Elements of Pickleball Gameplay

This is an extremely vast topic. There are a couple of things that you need to understand for learning how to play pickleball. Let us throw some light on the pickleball gameplay. It comprises of following things:

  • Serve
  • Volley
  • Return of Serve
  • No valley or Kitchen

Pickleball Serve

To begin a game, the player must begin with a serve. A player standing in the right service area is the first server. The first server comes into play either at the start of the game or in the event of side change. An effective pickleball serve has the following features:

  • It is done in an underhanded manner
  • The server must hit it from behind the baseline and serve it diagonally
  • Try to hit it hard enough to cross the net and go to the serving area of the opponent
  • Serve should not land in the kitchen or non-valley zone

Let Serve

If a server serves the ball and the ball drops into the opponent`s serve court after touching the net this condition is known as a let serve in pickleball. The server is asked to re-serve each time a Let occurs. However, you can’t say that let is a fault.

Return of the Serve

An opponent player receiving the serve must have to allow the ball to bounce before striking it back to the serving team (in case of doubles).

Volleys (Double Bounce Rule)

Pickleball Volley play is a player`s action when the ball doesn’t bounce from the ground. Volley gameplay includes a series of back and forth shots in between opponents or opponent teams.

Volleys are allowed only if the double bounce rule is fulfilled. This rule says that players on each side must allow the ball to hit the ground at least once before volleys are allowed to them.

The Kitchen

As I have discussed earlier the pickleball kitchen is also termed as a non-volley zone. Players can only hit the ball from inside the pickleball kitchen if it has bounced inside their area. In any other situation, no player can enter the kitchen in pickleball.

The Gameplay

After the serve, gameplay continues between opponent players. This involves a series of strikes and returns between opponents. Players continue to play until a fault happens. For each fault, the opponent is awarded points. After each fault, there is again a serve.


Whenever a pickleball rule is violated a fault occurs. If the fault is at the receiver’s end then the point is given to the serving side.

Side Out

Quite often a fault occurs at the server’s end. This kind of fault results in serve shifts. As a result, the serving team changes, and this is known as Side Out in Pickleball.

Pickleball Scoring

Every pickleball match is dependent upon the score. After all, it’s the score that decides the winner or loser. In pickleball, scoring is gained or lost by the serving team only. In other words, the receiver simply can`t score any point. Normal pickleball games have a total of 11 points and use 2 points win. On the other hand, pickleball tournaments comprise of 15 or 21 points in total with 2 point win.

From the serve, the game starts and moves on in a series of strikes. This gameplay continues till a fault is produced by either side. In case the fault is produced by the team other than the serving team, points are awarded to the serving team. However, if there is a fault from the serving team, service is given to the other team.

2 Most Common Pickleball Games to Play

This game is so much exciting and entertaining that you can play with your whole family. But worldwide there are two most common pickleball game types are:

Pickleball Singles

In the pickleball singles game, there are only two players playing as opponents. Different matches are played between these players. Both players can play 11 point matches. For the deciding serve at the start of the match, the coin is usually tossed. However, this can be done via mutual consensus.

Pickleball Doubles

Doubles Pickleball Game involves two teams playing as opponents. This type of pickleball game is played on the same pickleball court used for playing the singles game. At the start of the game, the coin toss decides the serving team.

How do you play Pickleball?

The most common question that people ask is How do you Play Pickleball? As I have discussed earlier, it is similar in nature to tennis and badminton. A lot of you might have an idea about these games. However, for those who are new, you should keep in mind the following things.

  • The match starts with the selection of server
  • Server serves the ball
  • Receiver returns the serve to server
  • Server strikes ball back to the receiver
  • This whole process continues till fault occurs
  • A fault may cause side out or serve change
  • On each fault one team receives points
  • The decision of win/loss is based on the points table

Playing singles and doubles is pretty much similar. However, there is a slight difference between both gameplays. But it is important to understand the answers of following questions:

How to Play Pickleball Singles?

The first server uses the right serving area for the initial serve and tries to clear the non-volley zone without touching the pickleball net. Receiver, on the other end, allows ball to bounce once before returning it back to the server.

Server`s score tick around whenever there is a fault from receiving player. However, there is a side out when serve violates game rules.

How to Play Pickleball Doubles?

The serving team decides the first server who makes a clean serve from the right court. This serve is diagonal and intended for the left serving area of the opponent team. Opponent team player cannot volley this serve directly. So, he/she waits for the ball to bounce of the surface before returning it.

Each time there is a fault from the receiver side, the serving team gets points. After point-scoring, serving area is changed. Serve will remain the same as long as there are no serving faults. Otherwise, server changes if there is a serving fault. Side out only occurs if both serve of the team has made faults.

Rules of Pickleball Game

Understanding rules of any game are really important. If you don`t follow the rules then you are simply not going to win no matter how much effort you put in.

For winning, it is necessary to develop a deep understanding of pickleball’s official rules. In this section, I will explain all the pickleball game rules to you.

Pickleball Serving Rules

  • A serve should be diagonal every time
  • In the beginning, serve is made from the right service area
  • Serve is alternated every time it is done except for missed serve
  • You can’t serve from the kitchen zone
  • Player serving should make it clean enough to clear kitchen zone on the opponent side and reach serving area
  • Serve must have to serve from the outside baseline
  • Ball should not bounce on serve instead it should reach the opponent player via air
  • Always serve in underhand position with paddle below your waist
  • The serving side will continue to serve until serves are clean
  • In the case of serve fault, the serving team is changed
  • If a Let happens, the server has to serve again
  • The first server will be in the right serving court in case of an even team score
  • For an odd score, the first server will have to play or serve from left serving court

Pickleball Line Rules

  • A serve to hit a non-valley zone line is not a legal serve. In fact, it is a fault.
  • If a ball contacts any line other than the kitchen zone is fine enough and known as IN

Pickleball Singles Rules

  • Only two players (both opponents) play pickleball singles game
  • The score is gained or lost by the server only
  • If serve has an even score then he/she has to serve from the right serving area. Otherwise, the left serving area will be used for serving.

Pickleball Doubles Rules

  • Two teams (two players in each) are allowed
  • Only the serving team scores points
  • Each time server team scores a point, players of serving team interchange their positions
  • In no event (other than scoring a point) position change is not allowed
  • The receiver side can’t change positions
  • Serve is continued with the first server until serving team makes a fault. In this situation serve is given to the second server in the team
  • If second server commits a fault then side out occurs

Pickleball Kitchen Rules/Non-Volley Rules

  • Serves from the non-volley zone are not allowed
  • A player can volley a ball only from the outside the kitchen area
  • Player can enter the non-volley zone only for striking a ball that has already bounced
  • If the momentum of a player causes any of its gear to cross the non-volley zone then, again, it is a fault

Pickleball Volley Rules

  • In volley a player hits the ball in the air without bouncing it
  • Player can’t volleyball from the inside kitchen zone
  • Volley play is only allowed if the double bounce rule is fulfilled

For more understanding, you can video pickleball lessons online. I am sure these lessons will assist you in learning as well as improving your game.

8 Common Faults in Pickleballthat Resulted in GAME LOSS

If any of rules of pickleball is violated then it results in a Fault.

A fault occurs if:

  • Player touches or steps into-volley zone during the serve
  • Hit goes out of baseline and sideline
  • Ball is hit and it doesn’t clear the net
  • A player volleys a ball from the non-valley zone
  • A ball is volleyed before fulfilling the double bounce rule in pickleball
  • If the ball bounces twice before hitting
  • Ball hitting the net and dropping in striker’s area on the serve or serve return
  • Player or player cloth or gear touching net while playing

15 Best Pickleball Tips & Instructions for Beginners

I think up till now you have got good understanding of pickleball basics, gear, and rules. But understanding these things is never enough for you. Everyone needs some tips and tricks to start, play, and excel in the game. Here are some exciting and useful tips for beginners to improve their pickleball game.

  1. It’s always good to do some warm-up exercises before you start playing games.
  2. Don`t drink too much water during game breaks.
  3. Try to use some breathable gloves for enhancing your grip, control, and game.
  4. Using sunglasses and hat/visor/cap in the outdoor match is handy as it saves you from UV and sunlight
  5. Use proper sports shoes for easy steps
  6. Don’t experiment too much with your serves and try to keep these as simple as possible
  7. Count your feet while you move in the arena.
  8. Whenever you get a chance try to use a dink or drop shot in opponent’s kitchen area.
  9. Smashing the ball every time is not a good strategy.
  10. Use opponents kitchen area as much as possible as it slows down your opponent.
  11. Target open area on the opposite side for maximum outcome.
  12. Hit ball softly if you have been eyeing to hit from low to high. Play a hard shot otherwise.
  13. Try to avoid lobbing pickleball if you are a beginner.
  14. Be consistent, confident, and committed. Regular pickleball drills are extremely important. As the saying goes ‘Practice makes a man perfect’.
  15. Always make it deep while you are serving or returning a serve.

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Pickleball Game Strategy to Win Games Easily

Winning a game is necessary to boost your confidence. Without a strategy, you have to play hard. But if you are playing games with proper strategy, then your chances are bright and you may need to put less effort.

Here are a few best pickleball strategies for you:

General Strategy

  • Use comfortable and assisting pickleball gear
  • Serve, return and strike effectively
  • Always look for gaps and weaknesses

Strategies for Playing Singles and Doubles Matches in Pickleball

  • For serving, place yourself close to the centerline this will help you in counter returns
  • Hit ball deep into the opponent’s area and try to give him challenging shots.
  • Make sure your returns are deep and towards the corners. This will make your opponent run around the arena.
  • Put your maximum effort to stay near the centerline. Staying at one extreme end is dangerous.
  • Improvise and use variability in your shots. Don`t be predictable. Change angles, speed, and orientations to dodge your opponent player.
  • Keep the rules sticking in your mind.
  • Place yourself in a comfortable position so that you can move easily in all directions.
  • Play drop and dink shots every now and then. But don’t overdo it. Play one or two and then again go to smash hits.

How to play pickleball on a tennis court?

To play pickleball on the tennis court, you first need accurate pickleball dimensions. Once you get these dimensions you can use tape and chalk to draw various types of lines to create a custom pickleball court.

As you are doing this on a tennis court, lines with the same color can distract you. Try to use different colored chalk for giving prominence to pickleball lines.

How to play pickleball better?

The answer is simple and that is by following rules and regulations. You are a good player if you have skills and strategy.

How to serve in pickleball?

To serve in pickleball, you have to stand out of the baseline. From that position, serve the ball in a diagonal direction. Hit the ball with enough power to clear the net and non-volley zone comfortably.

How to keep score in pickleball?

You can keep your score ticking by following two basic things. These things are:

  • Be careful to avoid faults on your side
  • Cash on maximum opportunities to dodge your opponent result in faults

How to score pickleball?

One thing that should be clear that the receiving team can’t score in this game. So, how the serving team will score? The answer is simple, scoring team will be awarded points on each fault made by the receivers.

Try to analyze your opponent and weaknesses. Exploit weaknesses to create scoring opportunities. Opponents fault, you score. You fault, opponent score.

How do you hit harder in pickleball?

Smashing a pickleball is not always good. However, you shouldn’t be ignoring this. It is indeed a useful tool if it is used properly. To hit harder in pickleball, first find out the vacant area as your aim.

Secondly, the direction of the hit is important. If you hit pickleball hard in a direction high to low then it is most effective. For a smash, try to use middle of the paddle.

How do I improve my pickleball skills?

For improving your pickleball skills, you need to focus on some things. These things include rules, practice, strategies (that I shared), and tips to improve my pickleball skills. I have shared all these things in this detailed tutorial for pickleball.

How many calories do you burn in pickleball?

Playing a pickleball can really do well in burning your calories. According to health & fitness experts, the more aggressively you play, the more will be burnt calories. Loss in calories also depends upon your weight.

See the chart:

[table id=2 responsive=”mode” /]

How big is a pickleball court?

Pickleball court size is similar to a standard tennis doubles court. A pickleball court is 20 feet in width and 44 feet in length. These dimensions are inclusive of indicator lines.

Can you step into the kitchen in pickleball?

The kitchen area is a no-go zone in the pickleball game. You can`t step into this area during the game as this will cause a fault. However, you can only step into it is when the ball has already bounced off the ground in your side.

Can you bounce serve in pickleball?

No, you can’t bounce serve in any case. Bouncing a service will result in a fault and point loss.

What is the best service in pickleball?

Best pickleball serve is the one that doesn`t result in a fault. It is always clean, done underhanded, doesn`t bounce off the court, doesn`t touch the net, and diagonal.

Where is pickleball most popular?

Pickleball is most popular in USA and Canada. However, in the past decade it has started to gain popularity in Europe as well as Asian countries.

What shoes do you wear for pickleball?

If you ask me honestly, there are only quite a few shoes specifically designed for playing this game. But shoes can have a real impact on your game. Any good standard sports shoes will do the trick for you.

All you need to do is to ensure that you are using a comfortable, durable and reliable pair of shoes for playing pickleball.

How do you serve in Pickleball for beginners?

It is very important for beginners to learn service in pickleball. For serving, server should be outside baseline and serve in an underhanded manner.

Moreover, you must ensure that ball doesn`t hit the ground and reaches the opponent serving court through the air in a diagonal fashion.

Can you play pickleball with 2 players?

Absolutely yes. There is a lot of flexibility in this game. You can play it with two people in a singles pickleball game. For a more exciting fun game, you can have two players in a single team. That’s called a doubles game in pickleball.

Is pickleball a good workout?

Every game is a good workout. But being fast-paced and involving movement of various body joints make this game an extremely good workout for you. You are using your hands, feet, body and brain as well. On the whole, it is really awesome exercise.

Why is pickleball so popular?

Main reason behind its popularity is that people of all ages can play this game. It is an extremely good recreational activity. Secondly, rules of this game are extremely simple one.

Due to this, everybody can easily understand it. Third, it resembles tennis, badminton and ping pong in nature and gameplay. Fourth, equipment for playing pickleball is not too much expansive.

That’s why people love this game around USA, Canada and Europe.

How do you return a serve in pickleball?

Returning a serve is equally important as serve in this game. To returna serve, you should ensure that it bounces before return to the serving team. Secondly, serve is usually not too much fast so try to analyze the weakness of opponent to get maximum benefit out of the return.

Can you hit overhand in pickleball?

Yes, you can smash pickleball in overhand manner. However, to serve pickleball, you need to use underhanded orientation. You can’t smash the ball in an overhand manner while you are serving.

The main idea behind hitting an overhand smash in pickleball is to make your opponent hustle and create opportunity for scoring points.

What does Dink shot mean in pickleball?

Dink shot is played to dodge your opponent. As a player, you play a shorter and softer short from a location near to the non-volley zone. This shot lands on a non-volley zone near in opponent`s area an opponent player has to rush to hit the ball upward.

This situation creates a difficult situation for your opponent and may cause a fault from opponent’s side.

Why is it called the kitchen in pickleball?

The kitchen area is used in a shuffleboard game. In shuffleboard, if the puck lands in kitchen player loses some points. The same rule applies on pickleball gameplay, that’s why due to this similarity non-valley zone is also termed as kitchen zone.

What is an illegal serve in pickleball?

A serve that doesn’t fulfill the rules for serving pickleball is actually a legal serve. If you serve and your pickleball paddle is not facing upward then your service is illegal. While serving ball, if either the highest part of paddle is or contact made is waist high then, again, serve is not legal.

How many Let’s are allowed in pickleball?

There is no limit on the number of Lets. A Let is a legitimate serve in pickleball game.But Let is not a fault. So, whenever it occurs, the server has to serve again. There is absolutely no problem in it.

What is the average pickleball game time?

According to USAPA, average pickleball game time in a pickleball tournament is about 50 minutes. However, for local tournaments, this can be reduced to 20 minutes.

Additionally, average time in a pickleball game also depends upon the players. A team continuously producing faults will give 11 points in a relatively short time to the serving team. This may eventually end the game in quick 10 minutes.

Where to stand in pickleball?

Generally, serving area is best area to stand in pickleball. However, for serving, you should be standing outside baseline. For regular games after the service, be stand outside the non-volley zone as much as possible.

Volleying ball while standing inside kitchen zone is actually a fault. You can only stand inside the kitchen area if the ball has bounced once near nets.

What are the 5 Rules of pickleball?

  1. Same court and rules are applicable to both singles and doubles game.
  2. Scoring is done by serving team.
  3. Serve is from the non-volley zone and it should be diagonal. For serving, the player must be outside the baseline and he should serve it underhanded manner.
  4. A team/player can’t volley pickleball until it has bounced once in your court. (Double bounce rule)
  5. A player can only enter non-volley zone if the ball has already bounced. In no other case, entering non-volley zone is allowed.

Final Thoughts

So here we come to end of on detailed guide book on how to play pickleball?I have tried to cover each and every necessary aspect in this tutorial. I hope that you people will love it. Thanks for reading. Stay Tuned.

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