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Pickleball Attack Strategy

Attacking in Pickleball is just like attacking in any other game. You need to process in your mind a lot. A lot of people think that attacking is all about hitting the ball hard, but it’s not. Because there are certain prerequisites that you will keep in mind before applying the attacking strategy.

And if you want to find about it, then read the article till the end. And if you are in a hurry, then just read out the conclusion, you’ll have an idea about what will you need.

Pickleball Attack Strategy

So a lot of people have a different attacking strategy in Pickleball, but I will give you one of the simplest and best attacking techniques. If you know about Pickleball, it’ll be easier for you to understand what I am saying, however, if you are new here then I suggest you check out my other about Pickleball in which I have discussed What is Pickleball and explained the game thoroughly because there are a lot of terms that you won’t understand if you don’t have any knowledge about Pickleball game.

So, without any further delay, let’s get to the attack strategy in the Pickleball game.

Pickleball Attack Strategy

The way to be aggressive in Pickleball is by disguising your shots so you can attack more effectively and win more points at the kitchen. I will tell you two ways to disguise your opponent and then attack him with an aggressive shot.

I’ll try to keep it simple. So, let’s get down to it.

Disguising Your Attack

A lot of pickleball players always anticipate their opponent’s shots based on visual indications of their body language. If you can disguise your shot using different body language, you can catch your opponent off guard by surprising him.

Disguising Power

When disguising power, the main body language indicator is the length of the backswing. When using a very small backswing, your opponent will usually anticipate a small shot which is a dink in Pickleball terminology. However, when you are using a large backswing, that’s when your opponent will think you’re about to hit a large, powerful shot (aggressive shot).

1. Using Small BackSwings

When you are disguising power, you should always use a very small backswing for your dinks. Using small back swings for your dinks again and again and again is going to calm your opponent to a state equal to sleep. Then you can do one attack with the same backswing and short, explosive use of a wrist flick.

So if you use the same backswing for your attack as you did for several small dinks, your opponent won’t be able to read that shot and this will help you in catching them off guard.

However, if you are thinking of doing this without a big backswing, it can be a little tricky to generate a lot of power. Because it involves a short and explosive wrist movement to power through your opponent. But keep in mind that it’s not necessary to do this from Dink, you can also do this from Volley as well.

2. Using Large BackSwings

There’s another way to disguise your attack is by hitting a series of soft dinks but this time with a large backswing. At which time your opponents aren’t going to know which of these large back swings is going to produce an aggressive shot.

These two techniques are very useful but as we are talking about disguising your opponent, it’s also important to know the direction of disguising attacks. So, we’ll discuss them down below 👇🏻

Disguising Directions

When you’re trying to disguise the direction of your attack, the main indicator of where you’re going to hit the ball is your hip and shoulder rotation. By overstressing your hip and shoulder rotation for a cross-court shot, then leaving the paddle behind to attack the person in front of you, you can easily disguise that person 😁.

Tricky? Don’t worry, I’ll simplify this down. What you need to do here is hit a series of cross-court dinks. And as the time to attack come near and near you need to exaggerate your shoulder and hip and play a cross-court shot. After that attack down the line by leaving the paddle behind.

If you are a cricket enthusiast, it’s like playing a cut shot. Once you’re comfortable and confident doing this, you can use the no-look or look-away approach to disguise the shot even further. By maintaining your focus on your cross-court opponent, you then have to use your peripheral vision to attack down the line.

Final Verdict

Most of the techniques and strategies in Pickleball is about reaction time. And to sum this up if you can disguise your attacks, you can be more effective and on the journey to becoming a professional in this game by stealing that time from your opponent.

1). What are some Pickleball Strategies?

You can’t play any game without a strategy, and the same is the case for pickleball. Various Pickleball Techniques nay Strategies can help you in improving your Pickleball game.

  • Play it Safe
  • Get to the Kitchen
  • Watch the Ball
  • Fluid and Compa
  • Split Step
  • Disguising and Attacking

2). How to hit the Ball in Pickleball?

You use a paddle and a durable Wiffle ball to play Pickleball Split Step. Just like in Badminton or Tennis, every point begins with a serve. The serve of Pickleball must be underhand and it should clear the net and not land in the kitchen. You need to keep the pedal below the wrist and the waist.

The serve must hit into the service court of the opponent’s team. If you want to get the complete information about Pickleball, check out the other article Pickleball Split Step where I’ve explained thoroughly about the Pickleball game.

3). Which Shot is the Most Aggressive One in Pickleball Game?

Just like in volleyball, the overhead smash is considered the most aggressive shot in Pickleball because the force created through the jump and the force created from the movement of your arm combines in that shot.

4). What are the defensive strategies in pickleball against opponents who play hard shots?

Against opponents who play with hard hands, you should play with soft hands and take the pace off the ball by slowing the game down. On receiving a hard shot, you should reply by dropping the ball in the kitchen. This looks easy but when you do it practically you will know that it’s not an easy thing and you will need to do a lot of practice to master it.

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