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5 Singles Pickleball Strategies that You Must Know

Are you looking for some really effective singles pickleball strategies for improving your gameplay? Pickleball is a real fun game and it is great choice for people looking for healthy activity. However, being an international game, you can imagine the level of competition in this game.

People from all over the world play both doubles and singles pickleball game. Although there is a slight difference between both these formats but in this article, we are providing you 5 top notch singles pickleball strategies that you must know.

Singles Pickleball Strategies

If you are a beginner, we would love to recommend you to start from these few simple and straight forward strategies. However, if you are novice to pickleball game, you must first checkout pickleball rules for beginners .

In order to improve your game, attention and some specific strategies are absolute must. Moreover, if a player wants to switch the game from double to single, he or she simply needs to switch the gear a bit.

However, one thing is sure, that singles pickleball gameplay requires more physical and mental strength as compared to doubles format.

In pickleball singles format, a player has to cover the whole area of court along-with speed, power and muscle strength. Besides these, if a player knows the right strategy for single pickleball game, then he or she has got strong chances for winning in the game.

Using proper singles pickleball strategies and techniques, avoiding fouls and doing smart work guarantee improvement in your gameplay. Here are some key strategies which can improve your singles game quickly:

Carefully plan your Serves and Returns

Serve and return is essential in both singles and doubles.However, in singles pickleball game, it is way more evident as compared to the doubles.The reason is that, in singles you have to cover a lot court alone. The key strategy is to use strong serves and dynamic recovery. This can dramatically affect your game points.

When we talk about serve then you will find it quite amazing that pickleball is just like tennis. Deep serve plays a vital role and builds pressure on your opponent player. If a player keeps the serve deep and hit the ball further behind the baseline into the court, then this can create a lot of pressure on the opponent.

Besides the serve, return is equally important. Any lose return gives a chance to the opponent to play massive shot to you. That’s why using strong return gives you bright chances. Movement is significant in the return shot.For instance, if your opponent serves you to the left then you must try to return towards the right side and vice versa. So, in order to be in the game you must use strong serve and return pickleball singles strategy.

Always be prepared to play around net and kitchen area

It is not always possible for a player to come near the net. If both players are playing from the court baseline then they are just riling with the ground strokes. In order to put immense pressure on your opponent, you should try your maximum to come right in front of net to rush the ball after hitting a shot from baseline or any distant portion from net.

However, to do this,you need to be physically fit and agile in your movements. So, if you are quick and good at playing near the net area, then you can force your opponent to think in multiple ways. This is probably one of the best winning strategy for pickleball singles.

Here are some pro tip for beginner players:

  • Try to hit an in-depth shot which presses opponent and offers some time to advance near the net
  • Following kitchen rules in singles pickleball game is difficult so do keep eyes on it too

Keep the Ball to the Opponent’s Backhand

In order to have full control over the game this is one of handy singles pickleball strategies. Most of the players like to play speedy shots with their forehand. Forehand is stronger as compared to the backhand. So, to give yourself a good chance of winning,you should play the return shot to the backhand side of your opponent. Aiming at opponents backhand is beneficial due to many reasons.

Firstly, there is a great chance that your opponent misses the ball while playing a backhand shot. Secondly, the opponent isn’t going to hurt so much during the backhand shot. On the other hand, forehand shot can impact you significantly.

Keep Your Opponent on the Move

It’s extremely important to keep an eye out while playing each individual shot. Understanding your opponent’s next move is another useful singles pickleball strategy. If you are able to anticipate your player then you can respond to his shots effectively. This enables you to be in control of the game.

This can make your opponent feel frustrated and uncomfortable. In this way, you can get a chance to hit the shot in the gaps or to create opening attacks on the opponent. However, being aware of the situation and opponent position is really important. So, it’s super important to keep your opponent moving around the court.

If the opponent is present at the right side, then do play on the left side.Keep your opponent on feet with abrupt changes in position and shot speeds. This type of gameplay can tire your opponent out and gives you a chance to win the point. This is one of the most effective pickleball strategies for singles since you guys have the whole court to cover.

Quick Hit and Recovery after every single shot

Quick recovery after playing every single shot is really important.No matter you are playing a shot from the right or left side of the court, do always recover to the center of the court. The Center of the court is extremely vital as it provides you the freedom to move in any direction. So, by doing this you will not provide any chance to your opponent to hit a serve shot in the gap.

For instance, if you are present at the right side of the court then the left portion is wide open. Your opponent can hit the vicious shot in the open area. Even if you are able to tackle the fast-paced shots still chances are there that you might fell on the court or jump into the kitchen.

Bottom Line

Although pickleball is a fun game, yet it is extremely competitive when it comes to serious sports spirit.No matter how much quick you are, you always need top notch strategies, skills and control to be in the game. Pickleball singles format is more competitive as compared to the doubles format.

So, we have provided you with some best singles pickleball strategies which are practiced by international players against opponents. We hope that we have provided you clear insights about every strategy. However, if you feel any problem then please don’t hesitate in contacting us. Our experts are always here to help you.

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