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Best Pickleball Tips and Tricks for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Players

Besides being funny and entertaining, the pickleball game is really challenging one even for professionals. For winning matches in an effective manner, having knowledge about pickleball rules is never enough.

You will need pro pickleball tips for enhancing your game. So, for my readers, I have compiled a list of tips for pickleball and I am sure that you’re going to love these a lot.

Pickleball Tips and Tricks

This topic is extremely deep. But I think before diving into this sea, we should go through some basic rules and strategies used in pickleball.

Countering common pickleball mistakes can really help your cause. Let’s dive into it. As a bonus, I will also suggest you adopt the best pickleball strategy of all time.

Quick Glance at Basic Rules of Pickleball

Understanding of pickleball rules provides a firm foundation for learning and enhancing your game. Although I can still tell you pickleball tips to win at this moment.

But trust me you will get a deep understanding of these tips after understanding the official rules of pickleball. If you already have knowledge about these rules, you are welcome to skip this section.

Serve Rules

  • The server has to serve in an underhand manner with a paddle below the waist.
  • For a legitimate serve, server should be outside the baseline, and serve should be done in a diagonal manner.
  • A serve will only be considered legitimate if it reaches the opponent serving area without any bounce.
  • The first serve of the match is done from the right serving area. However, the team/player score decides the orientation of all other serves in the match.
  • A player can’t serve from the kitchen or nan-volley zone.

Line Rules

  • If a ball touches lines of the non-volley zone then it is a fault.

Kitchen Rules/Non-Volley Zone Rules

  • A player is only allowed to enter the non-volley zone if the ball has already bounced from the court.
  • If any of the player’s gear enters the kitchen zone while striking the ball, then this will be considered a fault.
  • Volleying a ball from inside the kitchen zone is a fault.

Volley Rule or Double Bounce Rule

  • A team or player can only volley the ball if it has bounced at least once in either court.

Scoring Rules

  • There is no score for the receiving team. In other words, the score is done or lost by the server player or team.
  • If a serving team makes a fault, then there is a change in server a.k.a. side out.
  • In case the fault is done by the receiving team, serve team gets to score points

For effective/efficient gameplay and winning pickleball rules and tips are equally important to keep in mind. For more details, have a look at official pickleball rules (URL).

Common Pickleball Mistakes Done by Players

As a team coach or even as a player, it is extremely annoying to see pickleball players making mistakes. It is even more frustrating if you keep on repeating these mistakes without any knowledge.

So, it is important to highlight some of these mistakes so that you know what you are doing in the field. Here are some common mistakes in the pickle ball game.

  1. Players quite often try to be in an area somewhere between the kitchen zone and baseline. This is never a good idea because you are actually in no man’s land. You can easily be exploited with either a fast smash or dink shot.
  2. Most players develop a habit to play with a forehand. This will leave the backhand weak. So, your opponent can notice and exploit this mistake.
  3. A lot of players tend to quickly return to the baseline after serving the ball. The main reason behind it is serve return. What will happen if your opponent is smart enough to return the serve right into your feet? If this happens then it is totally shit for you. You simply can’t volley the ball because in doing so you will violate the double bounce rule. Even if you have managed to hit the ball then there are vast chances that it will not clear the net.
  4. Paying attention to your pickleball paddle is really important. Some players just pick the paddle without judging their condition and balance. Later on, both of these problems make you feel uncomfortable.
  5. Power hitting has been the fanciest feeling. It has carried away a lot of players in the past. In fact, hitting the ball hard every time has resulted in match losses. So, power-hitting is not always good.
  6. Lacking activeness and mobility is a major fear factor. Sometimes you have to rush near the kitchen. At other times, you may need to rush to the baseline. If you are not quick with these movements then probably you are a dead man.
  7. Predictability is another fear factor. If you keep on playing similar sorts of shots then your opponent will judge your moves easily.
  8. Your opponent can easily trap you if you don’t improvise his/her intentions. In other words, you simply can’t trap your opponent if you haven’t analyzed his/her weak points.
  9. Too much experimentation is not good.
  10. It is human nature to reply back with the same intensity. Quite a number of players try to hit serve return as hard as possible. It can cause serious problems for you.

Best Pickleball Tips for Beginners

Most of the beginner players feel frustration when they are trying hard and still not getting results according to their expectations. In many circumstances, this can result in depression, anxiety, and fear. These three things degrade your performance considerably.

So, one fact that you will agree with is that as a pickleball beginner tips are necessary for you. These will boost up your confidence as well as your game.

Check out the top 20 pickleball tips for beginners that you will mark your steps towards winning matches:

  1. Doing some sort of stretching exercise before you play is always good for you. It relaxes your reflexes and makes you feel energetic.
  2. Try to do exercises even in between matches. This will keep you alive.
  3. Analyzing your opponent can give you a competitive advantage.
  4. Carefully look for the backhand gameplay of your opponent. Try to make the opponent player use his backhand if you have analyzed that your opponent has weak backhand gameplay.
  5. Practice making both forehand and backhand play strong.
  6. For maximum times, try to use your preferred hand i.e. forehand.
  7. Use some variety in your shots. Similar shots over and over again will make you predictable. That’s the last thing that you don’t want if you are to win a match.
  8. Be quick on your feet is moving either towards the kitchen zone or baseline.
  9. Use powerful smashes every now and then to keep the opposing player away from the kitchen.
  10. Playing power shots continuously is never a good idea.
  11. Whenever your opponent is deep near the baseline, play a dink shot to draw him towards the kitchen. It is really effective.
  12. Don’t experiment too much with serves and returns.
  13. Hit the ball hard if you want to play it from high to the low direction.
  14. To hit the ball from low to high always play a hard shot.
  15. It is extremely important to wear comfortable sports shoes and breathable gloves with a good grip.
  16. Aim your power shots towards open areas on the opposite side.
  17. Count and control your movement so that you may not enter the kitchen area.
  18. Always try to play clean shots clearing the net.
  19. Don’t get too much involved in volley play.
  20. Drinking too much water is not good. Try to drink only the amount of water that is necessary to make you comfortable.

Top 20 Pickleball Tips for Intermediate Players

Intermediate players are more skilled as compared to beginner ones. But their aim is to reach the pro level by becoming an advanced player. I have compiled a list of intermediate pickleball tips for intermediate players. I am sure this will improve your game a lot.

  1. At this level, please don’t use a normal 30 to 50 dollar paddle. Instead, go for some quality pickleball paddle designed for professional use.
  2. Experiment with your paddle by adding lead tape. Lead tape is really handy in adjusting balance, weight distribution, and power in the shots.
  3. To improve the pickleball game further, always play with players better than you. This will give you more experience and boost your confidence.
  4. Get in touch with advanced and pro pickleball players as much as possible to learn from their experiences. Discuss your shortcomings and problems with them.
  5. Watch professional pickleball players playing either live or on TV closely.
  6. You can also use the internet to find out pickleball tips videos from professional players.
  7. Gear that you use can improve your game in different ways. Experimenting with different sorts of gloves, paddles, and shoes is always good for you.
  8. Intermediate players often get annoyed when they lose a match or two. Don’t get upset and keep you cool.
  9. Both beginner and intermediate players have a tendency to place themselves at baseline are. It is a bad idea. Try to be near the kitchen line as much as possible.
  10. Experiment with new and unorthodox shots.
  11. Carefully judge your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. It’s always a good strategy to exploit weak areas.
  12. Laugh and smile can have a great effect on your mood. So, take it easy and enjoy the game. Anxiety can cause sweating and can make things look messy.
  13. If your opponent constantly stays at baseline, use a hard shot, and aim for the feet area. Practice this early in the match before the double bounce rule is fulfilled. In this case, your opponent may volley the ball and this will be a fault. It is not easy to allow and pick the ball from near feet.
  14. Ask somebody to shot a video of your gameplay. It will help you in recognizing your mistakes.
  15. Use USAPA approved equipment.
  16. Concentrate on your footwork. Footwork is key in playing fast games like tennis and pickleball. Induce some agility and control to your footwork.
  17. Avoid playing from no man’s land (area in between kitchen and baseline). This gives your opponent an advantage. He or she can induce faults by experimenting with different shots.
  18. Nicely mix up smashes, dink shots, and drop shot. As an intermediate player trying to master the third shot drop.
  19. Keep remembering the basic rules of pickleball and know your score. Knowing the score can be confusing. But if you take it easy and have patience it can do wonders for you.
  20. It is a good strategy to keep your opponent on the run.

Pickleball Tips for Advanced Players

Although advanced players are masters of their games. But still, with some really good pickleball tips, advanced players can improve their gameplay like a pro.

Sometimes, advanced players forget about the basics.

So, all I need to say to them is to keep sticking to the basics and learn advanced techniques. Here are some necessary advanced pickleball tips for pro players:

  1. Follow the saying “Practice makes a man perfect” and please do lots of practice.
  2. Warming up before playing is really important. It can ease your nerves and flex your muscles.
  3. No matter how much experience you have, playing a position is still important for you. Avoid playing from no man’s land.
  4. Play with the flow of games is sometimes good. But try to judge your player’s weaknesses and strengths. Exploiting weaknesses will help your cause.
  5. Watch open spots closely and try to hit in those areas as much as possible.
  6. Try to create a hassling situation for your opponent. Make your opponent run, sweat, and confuse him with varying shots.
  7. Watch arena lines and ball closely.
  8. Examine your gear carefully before playing.
  9. Be confident, keep smiling, and have patience.
  10. Always know your positioning. This will make your stay outside the kitchen zone.

Tips and Strategies for Pickleball Singles Game

For playing pickleball singles game, the basic rules and tips are the same as I discussed in previous sections. But I have some pickleball quick tips for singles. Let us get on with these:

  1. In singles aim to hit towards the corners of the court. Occasionally hit some shots in the kitchen area.
  2. Play aggressively by using smashes and volley shots.
  3. Try your maximum to play around the kitchen line.
  4. Use both backhand and forehand while playing.
  5. Aim serves and serve returns to be deep.

Best Pickleball Doubles Tips and Strategies

  1. Awareness of court is extremely important. You should know boundary lines, opponents, and your partner. Knowing the position of your partner is very necessary.
  2. Coordinate with your partner during the match and breaks.
  3. Practice poaching with your partner. The poaching strategy suggests that a stronger player comes in and plays shots. A certain degree of deception should be adopted. However, this will need proper planning and communication.
  4. Your doubles team is best if one player is right-handed and the other is left-handed. This is known as stacking and it gives you a lot of competitive advantage over your opponent.
  5. Direct your shots towards the weaker opponent players. This will increase your chances.

Some Quick and Winning Pickleball Tips

Useful Pickleball Tips for Seniors

  1. Judge wind speed and try to take maximum advantage of it.
  2. Playing shots that make you feel comfortable.
  3. Aim for vacant areas in opponents playing court.
  4. In case you are not strong on the offensive shot, consider playing a dink shot as it is the best option for you.

7 Handy Pickleball Serve Tips

In any pickleball match, whether single or double, serving is exceptionally important. A neat and clean service can give you an advantage in getting points.

On the contrary, weak and improper serve will result in awarding points to your opponent. I have compiled a list of some really useful pickleball serving tips. You can use these tips for pickleball serve to improve your game.

Let us read and practice these:

  1. Make a habit of using a pre-serve routine as a warm-up activity. It will ease the nerves and help you find the right way to serve.
  2. Use the middle of the paddle for serving.
  3. Your main aim should be to hit the ball to clean the net comfortably. Don’t overpower your serves. Hitting too hard on serve may result in faulty serves.
  4. In a singles game, opt for deep serves. A deep serve is extremely difficult to pick for your opponent. Moreover, he or she can’t volley the ball. This can be a handy tool for you.
  5. Use a variety of serving techniques. Although using deep serve is useful but using this sort of serve every time will make you predictable. So, go for other serving options like spin serve, drop serve, and powerful serve.
  6. If you are a beginner, then please don’t do too many experiments with your server and read this for learning pickleball.
  7. Try to minimize faults occurring on serves.
  8. You can watch some useful pickleball tips videos available on the internet.

Pickleball Kitchen Tips

You can use the kitchen area as the third player. If you are able to draw your opponent strategically towards the kitchen then you can induce them to produce faults.

Here are some useful kitchen tips:

  1. According to kitchen rule, a player can’t volleyball while standing in the kitchen. A fast-paced volley play near the kitchen line may result in a fault. Due to momentum, your opponent may accidentally play a volley from the kitchen.
  2. The player can enter the kitchen only if the ball has already bounced. In this situation, your opponent is left with only a single option. This option is to play softer shots from low to high. It will be easy for you to play.

Pickleball Dinking Tips

  1. Make your dink shot to be highly soft and precise.
  2. The most effective dink shot is a cross-court dink. This shot is played at an angle towards the sideline near the net.
  3. The best place to direct a dink shot is towards either corner near the net.
  4. Use straight dink every now and then to keep your opponent on feet.

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Pickleball Safety Tips

Safety is equally important for players besides rules and strategy. Like all other games, the risk is there in the pickleball game too.

A player can only play effectively if he or she feels sage and injury-free. You can use the following safety tips for pickleball to minimize the risk of injuries.

  1. Always use suitable sports shoes to avoid injuries.
  2. The ball used in this game is hard. Using padded gloves can save you from injuries produced by the ball striking your hands.
  3. Avoid rushing towards the ball every time. Instead, wait for the ball to come.
  4. Putting weight on a paddle can provide power to your shots. But on the other hand, it can put pressure on your wrists while smashing. So, try to use a balanced and comfortable paddle.
  5. Use goggles or sunglasses to save your eyes from UV radiation.
  6. Wearing a cap or hat can save your head from outside temperature, sunshine and ball hit.

Bottom Line

That’s the end of my ultimate list of pickleball tips for winning. You can practice and implement these winning tips to win pickleball matches comprehensively. I hope that you people have liked it. In case of queries and feedback, please don’t forget to write to us. Stay blessed.

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